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You can talk about all models of Yamaha digital pianos that start with the letter P, such as the P90, P105, P150, P250 and so on.

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Yamaha P60 digital piano Q & A 
Hi I am thinking of buying a used Yamaha p60 for $350.00. My only concern is that one or two of the keys seem out of tune and it also sounds a little …

Yamaha P70 digital piano Q & A 
Hi there, I have a Yamaha P70 and the demo piece list is incomplete in the manual I downloaded. I bought it new, and I didn't notice at the time that …

Sticking Keys and loss of tune in upper registers 
I've owned my Yamaha P80 since December 1999. Several keys no longer have a consistant weighted touch, slow reaction time or get stuck. Also, as I …

Yamaha P250 digital piano 
how to remove side panel of yamaha p 250

Yamaha PF1000 digital piano Q & A 
On the piano Yamaha PF1000, I have recorded a song in "GrandPiano2" voice. Now I wanna change the voice to GrandPiano1" voice. How do I do this?

Yamaha P85 digital piano Q & A 
I just bought a Yamaha p85 digital piano. I noticed that there is no damping effect in any of the keys from G5 trough C7. All other keys (from A1 trough …

Sticking keys on a Yamaha CP33 
Hi, I have used my Yamaha CP33 for about a year and the keys are beginning to become sluggish with the two E keys above and below middle C being sticking …

Yamaha CP300 sequencer problem 
When I record and save a song with the built-in sequencer in the CP300 I can record several parts and everything is fine. However, after I turn the CP300 …

Keyboard, Humidity and salt air 
I live on the beach in the tropics (Oaxaca, Mexico). My Yamaha YPP-200 is acting very strange, emitting very loud slightly out-of-tune tones when I hit …

Yamaha P120 digital piano Q & A 
Several keys on my Yamaha P-120 keyboard stick. How can I fix this?

Yamaha P80 digital piano Q & A 
What would make the middle D key louder than the other keys when playing normal? Middle D does not always do this, but when it does it seems to sustain. …

Turning SUSTAIN on or off or making it work correctly with pedal 
FOr some reason, the sustain is ON and when I hit my sustain pedal it goes OFF....backwards to what it should be. Same sustain pedal I have had. I have …

Sticky Keys 
Hi, My school has a Yamaha P-200. It was a great keyboard. However last year a few keys began to stick and now many of the keys stick and it is virtually …

Yamaha P200 digital piano Q & A 
Can not get any sound thru my speakers, checked the inside and the speakers are great and every thing looks great my setting are right, what else could …

AC Adapter for a Yamaha PSS 280? 
Where can I find a PA-3, PA-4 or PA-40 power adapter for my keyboard?

Sticking key - D octave above middle C 
My Yamaha P80 keyboard has given good service for many years but recently I have had problems with a sticking key (D an octave above middle C). The key …

Sticking key 
The D below middle c on my P120 is sticking. Is there a repair manual someplace? or do you know how to fix it?

How do I open my Yamaha P150? 
My speakers are acting up (crackle) and I suspect dust might be part of the cause. How do I open up the top? I've unplugged it, unscrewed the screws in …

Random Buttons Cease to Function! Repair? PSS-170 
All the keys work great. This is a classic keyboard, but some of the coolest buttons just stopped working randomly.. all at the same time: Tempo-Up, Demonstration …

Yamaha P150 sustain pedal input jack 
My friend has a Yamaha P150. The sustain seems to come on intermittantly. i believe it has to do witha falty input jack (the pedal is ok). Has anyone had …

Yamaha PSS-270 no sound 
I have had this keyboard for a while. It was always stored in the basement. Since recently moving, I wanted to try to get it out and play it. It powers …

Yamaha P90 digital piano Q & A 

Yamaha PSS 51 problems 
Hi, I am having PSS51 model and nowadays some of the keys like sound and voice selection,sound effect ,percussion,vector synth are not getting selected …

Yamaha PF100 digital piano Q & A 
Dear Sirs: I am interested in obtaining an Owners/Instruction Manual for tthe Yamaha Clavinova PF P-100 Sr. # 013901. Is shuch an item available? …

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Yamaha P140 digital piano 
I purchased this P-140/P-140S Yamaha keyboard in Japan, and, unfortunately, the use instructions are only in Japanese. How can I get an operator's manual …

No sound coming through headphones when plugged into output Not rated yet
I have a Yamaha P120 piano. For some reason, there is no sound coming through the headphone when I plug in to the output slots. What could be the problem? …

Yamaha P-120S Has no sound Not rated yet
We have owned this keyboard for about 12 years. Now it has stopped producing sound. If I plug in an amplifier I can get barely audible sound if I really …

Weird hum - Yamaha P-250 Not rated yet
Hello! My Yamaha P-250 developed a hum, seemingly overnight! One of my students was messing around with the buttons a lot and the following day I had a …

Yamaha P-45 - Muffled sound sometimes Not rated yet
Most of time the sound is loud and clear, but occasionally, if I slide the volume down to 0 and then back up, the sound will be muffled somewhat and sound …

Yamaha P-45B - Very weird problem - all Ds misplaying Not rated yet
The problem is basically this: one day the piano was working fine, then the next day I sat down to play around a bit and it started putting out these weird, …

How to fix Yamaha P-105 digital piano sound problems? Not rated yet
This makes me so desperate and angry; i've bought it brand new (few years ago) but only been able to play a few times before it eventually muted totally. …

How to remove key in Yamaha P150 piano Not rated yet
How can I remove a black key in the middle of my P150 keyboard . It doesn't seem broken but is not producing any sound

Yamaha P60 - C and F# keys stopped working from Middle C upward Not rated yet
Dear all, I have a Yamaha P60, bought 8 years ago. Last month, 9 keys stopped working: From the Middle C, all C and F# keys do not operate any more. …

Yamaha P60 - 80 out of 88 keys working... But I'd like them all. Not rated yet
Hi Folks, So I picked up a Yamaha P60 on the side of the road and plugged it in with an appropriate cord I had lying around at home and to my surprise …

Fixed Yamaha P85 no sound Not rated yet
My P85 had no sound so I used the service manual to replace a part on the circuit board. C122 was at fault. The service manual has schematics and the …

Cannot get MIDI receiving data on Yamaha P-140 Not rated yet
I've been trying to get piano MIDI data, recorded from my Yamaha P-140, played back and heard properly from the P-140 but I don't hear anything. I know …

Can't get broken keyboard key out - HELP! Not rated yet
After many years with no problems, my P90 got the sticky key problem caused by the deterioration of the back part of the key causing it to tilt slightly. …

Yamaha P150 Initialization problems Not rated yet
I have a P150 which refuses to get past the "initialize" "voice" state. factory reset does not seem to function and I get no "initialize ALL" when I try …

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