Fixed Yamaha P85 no sound

by Dave

My P85 had no sound so I used the service manual to replace a part on the circuit board. C122 was at fault. The service manual has schematics and the pcb is well marked. I have an electronics background and know how to solder.

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Aug 21, 2019
p85 no sound / no power?
by: ctijn

Our P85 also makes no sound. When pressing the Standby/On button, the red LED turns on for a few seconds (some days just 1 second, some days a bit longer). Then there is a clicking sound coming from one of the electronic components (not the speakers, it sounds more like a relay, perhaps an automatic fuse?). Then the red LED turns off and it seems that there is no power on the system anywhere.

- I opened the unit to look for water damage or other short circuit causes but didn't find any.

- The power adapter gives a voltage of about 17V (when not connected to the P85)

- a few days ago with the unit open, I connected all cables and had power (red LED on) for about 20 seconds, during this time all piano keys worked and produced sound, the voice buttons and 'demo/song' button did not work. then I tried again and it was back to the problem described above: only a few seconds of red LED on)

Would you have any idea how to diagnose and repair?

Thank you!

Feb 02, 2019
Yamaha P85 no sound fix
by: Anonymous

My Yamaha P85 had a no sound problem too. I replaced the two 100uf capacitors at locations C216 and C217 on the board where the DC power plug connects. Fixed it right up.

Jan 21, 2019
How did you find the problem sourse
by: Anonymous

i been looking at the circuit but i cant find the problem source

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