Turning SUSTAIN on or off or making it work correctly with pedal

FOr some reason, the sustain is ON and when I hit my sustain pedal it goes OFF....backwards to what it should be. Same sustain pedal I have had. I have unplugged and replugged the sustain pedal...no difference. Sustain stays on even with the pedal unplugged. How do I fix it so sustain is on with my pedal down????HELP. Thank you so much..............Carol Barham

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Sep 01, 2018
Sustain Pedal NEW
by: Anonymous

hello! so recently i got a yamaha keyboard and the sustain pedal is still in the mail. i looked up how to get the sustain sound without the actual pedal for the well being and one of the things that it mr said to do was to get a headphone jack adaptor and the headphone to connect to a mobile device and then to the adaptor. so it worked, but once i unplugged it and then came back and plugged it back in it won't work anymore! i have checked it and unplugged it then put it back in and it still won't work. i went to functions and found the sustain, it was turned off, how do i turn it back on?? i need to know asap!!

Apr 13, 2014
Reverse polarity on sustain peddle
by: johndelf

For the P105 the manual warns:

"Do not press the footswitch when turning the power on. Doing this changes the recognized polarity of the footswitch, resulting in reversed footswitch

My guess is that the P70 uses the same circuit and software in this respect, so try the above and it might toggle the operation of the footswitch.

Mar 21, 2012
Sustain pedal, direction of action.
by: DJWalsh

Read in the P60 manual that if you hold the sustain pedal down and shut off the piano the "polarity" or "action of the pedal will be reversed and memorized.
It seems like an easy mistake once in a while but it is rather obscure.
So........... turn on the piano, hold down the sustain pedal and turn the piano off and it should (maybe) return to the normal action.

Mar 13, 2012
Yamaha P80 around 2000
by: Anonymous

My piano just did the same thing last night. After gig I brought it home and now sustain stays on. Tried plugging in before powering up, no good. Went into function F4-7 for Damper. There changed to All. It worked shutting the sustain off, but when I pressed the pedal it still was off. Then I Powered off and when I powered on again the sustain was continuous. Took off the back, no loose wires.

So I'm still trying to figure it out. Any suggestions from anyone.

Feb 26, 2012
I have the same issue
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue. It happened suddenly yesterday. Sustain pedal stays on even if I'm not pressing, and even when I take it out.

Jan 25, 2010
by: Dick Rector


Follow Alfreds advice first but if that doesn't help you have to look under 'function' (you did not mention your keyboard-model)and 'sustain polarity'.
It is possible that it has been changed by accident doing something else and that gives you the reverse action on the pedal.
Usually just a push on a button will solve your problem.


Jan 25, 2010
Sustain Pedal
by: Alfred

Dear Carol: First check if there is a small switch on the Pedal which must be flipped or turned to the correct position. If there is no switch, do this:
Plug the Pedal into the keyboard/piano BEFORE you turn the latter On. DO NOT PUSH DOWN ON THE PEDAL
until your music demands it.
Now that you have reached this Forum, feel free to come back again, and do us the favor of posting a followup message confirming the above procedure works. Thanks. Keep well.

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