Yamaha P 125 Review

by Jamie
(Newfoundland, Canada)

Just purchased this piano, in white. A couple of thoughts... I bought it to have a reasonably cheap but quality board to grab and go to a jam, Gig or a party and the guitars break out. For that it serves the purpose well. Reasonably good Rhodes, Wurly, tonewheel organ and Clav samples, great classic acoustic grand, nice feel and touch, and lightweight. Accompaniment rhythms are intriguing but not a selling point for me. Overall, a great board for me. On the con side, if you don’t purchase the optional stand, and hence the 3 pedal lyre, you have no way to function organ rotary speaker speed changes or vibe/marimba vibrato on off. The optional stand and pedals are not conducive to quick set up and breakdown. I use a quick lock portable stand for my keys and there is no optional pedal foot switch to key these functions other than the one with the stand . Also with such classic keyboard samples as those mentioned above already on board, I am at a loss as to why Yamaha does not include its own classic CP electric grand as a standard sample on all its digital pianos.

Overall cons are outweighed by the pluses for this board, considering the intended purpose. Recommended, I give it a solid 8 out of 10.

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