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Welcome to our friendly Yamaha Keyboard Forum.

Do you have thoughts on Yamaha music keyboards or digital pianos? This is the place to share your thoughts. You can talk about any keyboard model. You are free to post as many posts as you like. 

Before posting, read Yamaha Keyboard Forum Guidelines.

Forum Categories

Choose the most appropriate category below, and fill out a detailed Yamaha music keyboard post. PLEASE post in the correct category.

Yamaha Keyboard Pictures

- Post pictures of your Yamaha keyboard(s) and setup here.

How To Play Piano & Keyboard

- Talk about anything that pertains to learning to playing piano and keyboards.

Yamaha CLP Clavinovas 

- ex. Yamaha CLP230, CLP340

Yamaha CVP Clavinovas

- Ex. Yamaha CVP 409, CVP401

Yamaha DGX Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha DGX630, DGX500 Respond to archived discussions below. 

Yamaha EZ Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha EZ150, EZ200

Yamaha MO Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha MO6, MO8

Yamaha MOTIF Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha MOTIF XS8, MOTIF ES6

Yamaha P Digital Pianos

- Ex. Yamaha P250, P90

Yamaha PSR Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha PSR550, PSR3000

Respond to archived questions below. 

Archived Yamaha PSR Keyboard Questions Page 2 

Archived Yamaha PSR Keyboard Questions Page 1

Yamaha S Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha S90ES, S80

Yamaha YPG Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha YPG625, YPG535

Yamaha YPT Keyboards

- Ex. Yamaha YPT200, YPT400

General Yamaha Keyboard Forum

- Any keyboard post which does not fit in the other categories.

General Yamaha Keyboard Posts

- If it's NOT a question, but a general topic for discussion, post it here.

Other (Non-Yamaha) Keyboard Brands

- Ex. Casio, Roland, Korg, Technics

Yamaha Keyboard Reviews

- Write a review on a keyboard you own or have played.

What are your views on the Yamaha MOTIF XF? Share your thoughts here.

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