Recording from Yamaha P115

by Subir
(Kolkata, India)

I want to record (sound, not MIDI) from my Yamaha P115. I am just wondering what is the optimal way.

I have tried doing it simply with my phone, without a cable, and as expected it sucks. I live in noisy Kolkata, making the ambient noise impossible during the day. The phone (OnePlus 3) mic cracks even when it is relatively quiet.

So I was thinking of connecting it with cable to the phone. Or connecting the piano to a PC and record through a software (it seems Audacity will serve the purpose). But then someone said "audio interface". I looked into the stuff and got daunted by TRS, XLR & RCA. P115 has two 1/8" headphone o/p and two Aux Out (L & L/R). There's also USB to Host, but I guess that's for MIDI.

Given this, what are my setup options?

(I feel this isn't a perfect question. So, apologies.)

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