Can't get broken keyboard key out - HELP!

by Josh

After many years with no problems, my P90 got the sticky key problem caused by the deterioration of the back part of the key causing it to tilt slightly. I ordered a replacement key from Yamaha, and I watched all the videos I could find on Youtube and read all the forum posts.. according to those it looks fairly simple to release the back part of the key and then pop the front part out. but mine seems to be sticking. I have released the back part just fine, but I can't seem to get the front part unhooked from the action underneath. Is there some other step I'm missing? I am afraid to pull any harder for fear of breaking something, and I've tried all manner of jiggling this way and that, pressing down the metal counterweight in the back to try to get some clearance.. nothing seems to work. Can anyone help? PLEASE?? I'm a grad student composer and I need my keyboard to work!

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