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Instead of the regular reviews, I've decided to add some videos here. I've selected some of the best Yamaha piano videos on Youtube. Incidentally they're presented by Yamaha's Peter Baartmans. If you're like me, you should find the videos not only very informative, but very entertaining as well.

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Watch as Peter Baartmans plays various pianos and talks about their features. He's really an excellent player and he does a good job at reviewing the different instruments. He talks about the many outstanding features of each piano in a very easy to understand manner.

Be mindful that the presenter works for Yamaha so watch videos and come up with your own conclusions.

Yamaha Disklavier Piano

Yamaha Disklavier DS6 M4 PRO Grand Piano Video

Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha YUS Upright Pianos Video

Yamaha Clavinova Piano

Yamaha Clavinova CVP Piano Video

More videos are being added so please come back for more.

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