Yamaha Digital Piano P45 - C and F# don't play

by Kaushik Jay
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Keys that don't play

Keys that don't play

Hello, all the C and F# keys above the middle C on my Yamaha P45 digital piano stopped working this morning. C and F# pairs on the 5th, 6th and 7th octaves and the last C8 key. I didn’t find any dust on the contacts. I tried reversing the ribbon cable which connects the higher octaves to the middle board, same result. Then I tried reversing the 27 pin flex ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the PCD, same result. All the diodes on the keyboard showed the same output.

It seems to be a common problem. Has anyone found a fix? Diana's dream didn't work for me. Any help will be appreciated.

The alternate functions of these keys didn’t work either. So these keystrokes are not getting registered. Either no signal transmitted or no signal registered.


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