Yamaha P60 - 80 out of 88 keys working... But I'd like them all.

by Ptolemy

PCB Problem Area 1

PCB Problem Area 1

Hi Folks,

So I picked up a Yamaha P60 on the side of the road and plugged it in with an appropriate cord I had lying around at home and to my surprise it fired up and worked. Well, mostly worked... Upon giving it a bit of a play, I found that 80 out of the 88 keys work. When I investigated it a bit by opening up the keyboard, I found that there was a bit of corrosion and a few spots on the PCB looked like it had been wet and shorted out and fried some small sections of the PCB(6 out of the 8 broken notes are all next to each other).

Does anyone know where I might be able to track down a lower register key contact board for the p60 at a reasonable price? I would really like to have a semi-decent keyboard with graded hammer action for my son to learn on and I'm not particularly well off.

Alternately, does anyone have any suggestions as to whether a repair might be possible? I'm pretty tech savvy and can solder but have never tried it on a circuit board and feel I might be a bit heavy handed.

Or maybe someone might suggest what I might be able to search to better track one down, the only thing I could see that looked like a part number is XT240, but I didn't get any hits searching for that either.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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