Sticky Keys

by Bernadette


My school has a Yamaha P-200. It was a great keyboard. However last year a few keys began to stick and now many of the keys stick and it is virtually unplayable.
It gives my students a bad impression of Yamaha as a product.
How can I solve this problem?

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Jan 13, 2010
P200 sticky Keys
by: Alfred

Dear Bernadette: Dick Rector has given you the best possible advice. I hope you realize this Forum is a meeting place for keyboard enthusiasts to exchange helpful info, and IT IS NOT AN ARM OF THE YAMAHA CORP. We have no hesitation in criticizing Yamaha "when the cap fits", but I would exhort you to please disabuse your students
of any negative impressions in this case. Respectfully,

Jan 13, 2010
Sticking keys
by: Dick Rector

Hi Bernadette,

I had success (more or less) and adviced this many times on this forum.

First a vacuum-cleaner carefully over the keys and a blow with compressed air.
Building up dust and dirt is usual the problem let alone spilled drinks.
Keep the kboard covered when not in use.
Second I used talcumpowder (babypowder - any smell will do -) and used a drinking straw to blow a little of the powder as a dry lubricant under and between the sticking keys.
NEVER BUT NEVER use wd40 or something similar on oilbase, it will be the end of the keyboard!

If that doesn't solve the problem I am afraid you keyboard has to go to a repair-person.

Hope this helps

Bali (Indonesia)

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