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I have added a new Yamaha PSR keyboards Questions and Answers page since this one had gotten so long. Bravo for your participation. There are many questions below that need answers. Please take some time to share the love and respond to the question of a fellow visitor if you can. Thanks a million.

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Fading LCD on Yamaha PSR 1500 
Our 2008 Yamaha PSR 1500 has been all I needed it to be, but over the past year the LCD screen has been getting dimmer to a point where is is hard to read. …

Yamaha PSR 292 Loud Key 
I know it is an older model but was led to believe it was a very popular one. I have searched this group and cannot find any questions or answers for …

Yamaha keyboard power adapter 
My PA-3B adapter broke and i can't find it anywhere in the stores, i don't think they even sell it in my country anymore, so my question would be, that …

Pen drives for Yamaha s550 
I have a transcend pen drive which works alright with a PC but fails to work with my S550. I follow the instructions in the manual but still the pen drive …

Replacement floppy dive for psr 540 
My floppy drive has some difficults reading the floppy disk. Can i easaly replace it? Regards Lexter

Yamaha PSR 520 won't power up past a second, even with new batteries 
I've installed new batteries and all of the sudden, it won't power on...it comes on for a brief moment, and then the LCD display goes black and the instrument …

As a MIDI conroller 
Im trying to use my yamaha PSR170 as a MIDI controller for software instruments in garage band. The MIDI out of the keyboard is attached to the MIDI in …

Yamaha PSR S900 keyboard Q & A 
Dear sir/mam i am pavithra from india doing my 8th standard... i am learning keyboard for past 4 years.. now i want to buy YAMAHA S900 keyboard …

I am the owner of some oldest PSR 550 keyboard, using floppy drive for data storage. I would like to find a solution to replace the old floppy drive …

Yamaha PSR E313 Keyboard Q & A 
Where can I get a Yamaha PSR313 in Pune? How much will it cost? Is it a good enough Keyboard for a first time buyer?

PSR-900 LCD Screen does not come on? 
Hello, I have had my psr 900 for just over a year now. A few days back, all the "red" lights on the left side of the keyboard started going dim, and intermittently …

Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard Q&A 
I am looking to buy a Yamaha PSR 2000 from ebay, but the vendor says there is a fault with it. Apparently it can be turned on but turns off straight away …

yamaha psr 32 
Hi, i have a yamaha psr 32 (very old model) and am looking to buy a new power adapter, have not had mine for a very long time! i can not find a PA-4 anywhere, …

Yamaha psr 175 midi problems 
i have a midi/usb lead, but when i try to play my keyboard in garageband, the instrument is not recognised. i use a mac os 10.5.5. do i need to buy an …

Yamaha PSR 6300 Q A 
Do you know how much I can get for it? It is in perfect condition. I am looking for a buyer if anyone know someone interested. It records and playsback …

Yamaha PSR-630 Keyboard problems. 
Last month my Yamaha PSR-630 power cable connection got damaged / broken. I opened the keyboard and checked and I found out that inside board broken. …

Create psr style file on pc 
Hi! I have a Keyboard PSR E413. It can create a new song but can't create a style. I need a sofrware which can create a new style with new chords, beats …

press key no sound 
i have a psr540 and there are 3 notes that when i press the key there is no sound. all other keys and sounds are fine. One note is middle C and the other …

Yamaha PSR-510 memory battery 
What kind of memory battery do I need to buy for a Yamaha PSR-510

Yamaha PSR520 - keys wont work 
I have a psr520 and two of the keys dont work unless you press extremely hard.

I have no sound from my Yamaha PSR 420. Why? 
I bought a used Yamaha PSR 420 keyboard and was told that the speakers were blown, but that it could be hooked up to an external amp and speakers. I think …

Yamaha PSR E413 Keyboard Q & A 
mine is PSRE413. will U pls tell me, is it possible to download my own composed song from my keyboard to my laptop through the USB cable which I used to …

how to use transpose on psr e403 
Can you please tell me how to activate the transpose function on the psr e403 - thanks!

Yamaha psr i 425 Indian Styles 
how to get new INDIAN STYLES for PSR I 425 keyboard please help me

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Yamaha Keyboard Price - India 

Yamaha - PSR-225GM - all functions work. but keys themselves will not produce sound?? 
please help bought a psr-225gm keyboard all functions work including the sound. except the keyboard keys themselves seem to be inoperable. nosound...????? …

How to connect keyboard to computer 
Hi, this is kay. Recently, i bought a usb cable to connect my keyboard PSR-E303 to the computer. However, it seems like the computer is unable to register …

Yamaha PSR 740 Q & A 
my yamha psr 740 pbc worn out where can i buy the keyboard pcb or can i use another model to replace the pcb thank you

Problem with PSR1100  
i have psr1100 when i start band style and then i change tone from memory registration, the style automatically change. what i do?

Yamaha PSR S700 keyboard Q&A 
what is the problem when my Yamaha PSR S700 keyboard freezes? The screen is on but the keys and the buttons aren't working.

Yamaha PSR s500/s550 
Does PSR s550/s550 has dotted display for beats (Beat Measure Blinking ligth for each beat count) .If not is there any other model in this range with this …

Yamaha PSR 290 keyboard Q & A 
After previously connecting the keyboard with complete success, it has stopped working completly. Now whenever i plug in the UBB Midi in cable windows …

Yamaha PSR 295 Transpose 
How to transpose on Yamaha psr 295

Heating of PSR 700 keyboard  
Hi! I am Justin from India .I bought a new PSR 700 keyboard.I am happy with it but it gets overheated over the right speaker within 15 min of playing..is …

Yamaha PSR 275 keyboard Q & A 
can you plug the psr 275 into an amplifier

Yamaha PSR3000 Keyboard Problems 
My PRS 3000 Keyboard lost it's tempo, metrome, Entertainer settings. How can this be fixed? Thanks, Karen J Bartachek kjbart@mchsi.com

reset factory default - Yamaha PSR E403 
how do I reset the factory default settings on my yamaha psr e403

Transfer user songs from YAMAHA PSR I-425 to PC 
My son who is 7 yrs,plays keyboard;I would like to know how to transfer the songs he records on PSR I-425 to my desktop(MIDI didn't help).Thanks in advance. …

Yamaha keyboard manual 
where can I get a manuaul for the PSR-293

Yamaha S900 freezes at logo on power-up Not rated yet
The first time it happened it took 3 restarts and it booted fine. Tonight about 20, off-on, pulled plug in out, finally came on. Using a back up s900 until …

Yamaha PSR S500, control panel is not responding and the response of keys are so late Not rated yet
Hi all, I reset my Yamaha PSR S500. Post reset, my control panel is not responding and the response of keys are so late. Any solution? Regards Shiva0023 …

Yamaha PSR midi files in song formats Not rated yet
After creating a song on psrs910 and transferred to USB when I play it on my computer the sounds are not the same do I have to have special drivers or …

Yamaha PSR 3000 Display problem Not rated yet
My Yamaha PSR 3000 display has been developing a stripe or a partial next page showing on the right side of the screen. It covers up some 10 percent of …

Yamaha PSR 730 Equivalent? Not rated yet
I am a guitarist-singer and have just bought a secondhand Yamaha PSR 730 in perfect working order as far as I know to date. Can anyone tell me what keyboard …

Yamah PSR S970 panning instruments Not rated yet
Is it possible to pan only the drums, or only the bass from a style to either the right or left channel so they can be sent and mixed separately on a …

Yamaha PSR 293 - How To Get Dual Voice Feature To Work Not rated yet
I have a Yamaha PSR 293. Sometimes the Dual Voice feature works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. Following what I THINK Is the instruction in the owners …

Every time I start the Yamaha psr-550 it shows clear backup Not rated yet
I m using Yamaha psr-550 keyboard. Every time I start the keyboard, it shows 'Clear Backup'. Why does it shows that? The registration memory is also …

Yamaha PSR S500 USB and Styles Issue Not rated yet
I recently bought Yamaha psr s500 for my choir but the usb button is not functioning. The worst of all is that when I load styles, they look like they …

Yamaha PSR 85 No Power Button Not rated yet
Lent my PSR-85 to a friend whose Grandchild banged on keyboard and broke the on/off button. Now there is no way to power on/off. Is there a way that …

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Yamaha Psr225gm Pitch Adjustment Not rated yet
My quartz tuners adapt to A=430-450hz, but my PSR-225GM only programs 12+ or 12- notes transpose. Is there a pitch adjustment?

Yamaha PSR-510 Difference in Left & Right Speaker Levels Not rated yet
I have a PSR-510 Yamaha keyboard and the left side of the speaker is considerably more quiet than the right. I thought maybe it was a speaker, so I tried …

Yamaha PSR-730 as a MIDI controller only Not rated yet
I want to save myself some money by not purchasing a dedicated MIDI controller but using my Yamaha PSR-730 as a controller with Reason DAW. I want Reason …

Yamaha PSR S 650 Problem Not rated yet
once i noticed about pitch bend's error, i just took it to yamaha work shop & got it repaired. it was the only mistake it was having. now the problem …

YAMAHA PSR E 413 Not rated yet
I have downloaed many sty files from the site and try to upload in to keyboard through usb 2.0 cable. The loading showing success, but it is not showing …

Yamaha psr630  Not rated yet
I love the sound that the speakers produce on this keyboard and the easy transpose button since I don't know the many chords except one that I had favoured …

Yamaha PSR-313 dead keys. What to do? Not rated yet
My Yamaha PSR-313 purchased in 2008 is now presenting dead keys. Mostly middle C and G. Sometimes other keys will sound a different "attack" to the note. …

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