As a MIDI conroller

by Ryan
(Portland, OR USA)

Im trying to use my yamaha PSR170 as a MIDI controller for software instruments in garage band. The MIDI out of the keyboard is attached to the MIDI in of my Presonus Interface, then into my Macbook's USB port. My mac detects the Presonus, but is getting no MIDI info. The MIDI section in the manual for my keyboard is a joke. I was wondering if anyone who has this keyboard knows how I need to set it up to send MIDI to Garageband. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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Aug 08, 2010
A little help
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was having the same problems as you if your macbook is showing that the device is connected this means your set up is correct (Make sure you have installed the correct driver for the keyboard). Assuming you have done this, I completely agree the yamaha manuals are a joke. Download sony Acid pro Music production software (This is the easiest to use really). Click insert on the toolbard and select midi track, Then in the four columns on the right hand corner you will see "MIDI" click auto input then select your yamaha. Then click on the "Midi output" (this is next to the arm for record button, Its a small piano with a number underneath for eg "1". then select your yamaha as a midi output also or use the soft synth sounds already installed on the problem. Click arm for record and Play, Your keyboard should become the midi control and you can now record. This is how i do it, hope it helps! Kind regards, x

Jun 10, 2009
Simplify your set up until it works, then get more complicated
by: Larry Brown

Regarding hooking up the MIDI out of your PSR-420 to your Presonus and Mac. There's no way to say what your problem might be. It could be a bad cable from the 420 to the Presonus, of you might have the cable in the MIDI IN of your 420 rather than the MIDI Out, etc.

But in general, if you are having problems with a setup like this you need to simplify it down until you get something working and then gradually start inserting components.

You don't say what Presonus unit you have. I assume it's a fancy MIDI patchbay. Try jumping that out of you setup and get the 420 talking directly to the MAC. If you need a MIDI interface to do that then the Presonus might be your only option. Once you get the 420 talking to the Mac, you know that you have a good cable, that the 420 is talking, and etc, so you've verified a lot of things.

Then hook back in the Presonus and see what you get. If nothing it getting thru to the MAC, then you know the Presonus is not passing thru the info. See if you can verify that the Presonus is hearing anything. A MIDI patchbay is going to have lots of options you might need to set to have success, so my guess is that setting up the patchbay properly is your problem.

Good luck.

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