Replacement floppy dive for psr 540

by Alx
(Twenterand Netherlands)

My floppy drive has some difficults reading the floppy disk.

Can i easaly replace it?


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Dec 19, 2018
Floppy disk emulator.

Hi, I was thinking about changing from floppy disk to pen drive. I know there is a mod which means going inside the keyboard and removing the existing ribbon and replacing it with a ribbon to USB drive. I think that's about £100 to purchase.
There is also a floppy disk emulator which just plugs in the keyboard.I'm thinking of going this way just for ease of installation....

May 05, 2009
Diskdrive psr 540/psr 1700
by: Alex

Thanks for your advice

I own a 540 and a PSR 1700.
The drive from the 1700 doesn't work at all!
So best is to open the device and look what brand and models are inside, and then look for replacement. Thanks again


May 04, 2009
by: Dick Rector


Piece of cake (KAT IN HET BAKKIE)somewhere else on this forum I left comments about changing the diskdrive BUT you have to have the same MODEL as Yamaha uses because not all brands will do the job.
Changing it is very easy if you know what a screwdriver looks like.
ONE warning! My advice is BACK UP your disks NOW before you drive ruins them as it did with mine. And if you use your flops for a very long time they loos the info.
Refresh them ones in a while and copy them to a new disk.

Good luck

Dick Rector

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