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Keyboard Tone Drop  
My keyboard has dropped one full tone. I have adjusted transpose to "2" which corrects the problem artificially. I have tried resetting system to factory …

Great keyboard, but I have a problem! Split Point 
MY problem is the SPLIT, it has been good up until yesterday, but now NO MATTER WHERE I SET THE SPLIT POINT, there is a noise something similar to an …

Yamaha DGX-230 Grand Piano - Can it EXPORT multi-part MIDI files for use in computer DAW/sequencer? 
I purchased a Yamaha DGX-230 locally yesterday. It has "computer connectability" via its USB connector, but I'm confused about its MIDI IN/OUT capabilities. …

Yamaha DGX 230 vs Yamaha YPG 235 
Does anyone know what the difference is between the Yamaha DGX 230 and the YPG 235. I am getting back into playing and this information would be greatly …

Problem with E-Flat and A Keys in all octaves 
I have a Yamaha DGX-505 keyboard that I connect with a Mac Pro for composing. In the past few months, the E-flat and A keys stop working in all octaves. …

Keyboard - No Sound?? 
I have a Yamaha DGX530 and we moved it from the office to the living room and now when you press the keys no sound comes out. The volume is all the way …

Keyboard display problem 
my display is out of whack, I am just getting lines in purple and white in the display area.features like changing instruments works fine, but no uidea …

Yamaha DGX 530 keyboard 
I just bought new Yamaha DGX-530 few days ago and already display is gone. Keyboard powers up, display backlight turns on, but that's about it - no information …

Yamaha DGX 360 - Uploading UserSong 
I am a recording artist, and I use the Yamaha DGX 360 often. I found out today that something was wrong with the uploading tracks. I was recording the …

Downloading user songs 
How do I get songs *I* have recorded on my keyboard off of the keyboard's internal flash drive and onto my computer? Have tried for hours, and searched …

Yamaha DGX 500 keyboard 
Can anyone tell me where I can find any free styeles, voices or midi files for the above. I am particularly interested in Contemporary Christian styles/files, …

Yamaha DGX 205 keyboard 
I have had the DGX 205 for quite a few years and my brother had a go at it sometime last year and I'm just getting around to fixing it. I think he plugged …

Playing auto-accompaniment chords 
Page 24 of the user manual for the DGX-230 keyboards shows how to play auto-accompaniment chords. I can't seem to change the voice to the left of the split …

Yamaha DGX 300 keyboard 
my DGX 300/500 has broken and is beyond repair. No complaints, i've had it for ages and it was great but i have all these floppy discs with music on them …

Yamaha keyboard spare parts 
i need replacement circuit boards for dgx 620.Can you help. Gene

press white key and both white and black key play 
When I press a white key the corresponding black key plays with the white key. I did the crtl + Delete reset and it still acts up? Any suggestions?

Unexpected Key Just Played 
most of the time i used to play solemn songs in my church and a loud unexpected key just played out of nowhere and everybody just looked at me like i was …

Two keys do not work (Yamaha DGX202) 
Two keys (Bb and B in the middle) on our DGX-202 does suddenly not work. They feel a little heavy and does not give any sound. Does anyone have any suggestions …

keyboard Contrast display 
The LED display has suddenly gone very faint after I was testing the Split and Dual functions. I have adjusted the contrast button on the back of the …

Yamaha DGX 505 keyboard 
Do yamaha DGX-505 driver for WINDOWS 7 exists ?

Yamaha DGX 220 keyboard 
How To Transpose Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-220

where middle C is 
On My yamaha DGX 61 key electronic keyboard, i would like to change where the middle C is so i can play a lower key on the 61 key keyboard. In other words …

Repair of LCD display 
Display is unreadable and intermittent. Is it the display drivers or the LCD panel itself? Can I buy parts and repair it myself?

Yamaha DGX 630 keyboard 
My middle C has no sound when I play a C major chord with left hand simultaneously. It plays OK without the chord. My 6 yr old pushed so many buttons, …

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Yamaha DGX 200 keyboard 
I have borrowed a Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-200 and I can't find out how to plug in and use the sustain pedal and I have a concert tomorrow 23 August. …

Floppy disk reads as unformatted 
My keyboard, which is a DGX-500, is not reading a particular floppy disk of mine. It says the floppy disk is not formatted, but I have saved a number of …

looping music without the metronome 
When we try to loop a section of music, when it plays back, it always has a 4 count of metronome that plays at the beginning of the loop. How do you turn …

Power adaptor question 
The power adaptor indicates 115 volts and 240 volts. Will the standard adaptor Model 130 or Model 150 function normally in another country where voltage …

Yamaha DGX 620 keyboard 
Good morning on my piano, suddenly the display is unreadable because of a strong light coming from right. Everything is bleached and can only see that …

Keyboard samples to Garageband 
I do a lot of recording on Garageband 08, on an IMac OS 10.5.6. I recently purchased a Yamaha DGX 620 because I really liked the instrument sounds that …

Yamaha DGX 640 - Midi controller?? 
Good Morning, My question is if the Yamaha DGX 640, via its USB to Host connector, works as a midi controller compatible with music and audio software …

Yamaha DGX 230 keyboard 
i have a Yamaha dgx 230 and i am trying to hook it up to my computer. the usb cable is in but it doesnt register on the computer nor does it register on …

external amp humming 
I have a Yamaha DGX620 and recently purchased a 50w external amp. With very little volume, a annoying humming sound occurs... does not with another keyboard …

Yamaha DGX 520 keyboard 
How do I find the transpose function on my Yamaha DGX 520?

Screen replacement - Yamaha DGX 350 
I have to change my display on my keyboard can you help with diagrams on what i need to take off please i have a DGX 350

Yamaha DGX 230 dual voicing ?? Not rated yet
Can't figure out how to do the duel voicing I'm trying to play Let's Groove with since in the base and cool galaxy in the soprano

How to Save Volume Setting on Yamaha DGX 202 Not rated yet
I have a DGX 202 and the volume is not high enough. When I turn it up using the funtion/Mvolume to 127 (the max) it only stays until I turn it off. Is …

MIDI playback wrong instrument - Yamaha DGX-660 Not rated yet
When I record midi to Reaper on my laptop, it plays back on a different instrument than what I recorded with. I'm recording with the default piano sound …

How to Split Yamaha DGX300 Not rated yet
Can someone please help me, with my dgx Yamaha Ivan not get it to split. I need piano on left and strings on right how do I get it to set up that way. …

Yamaha DGX-205 only works with batteries. Bad powerboard needing replacement Not rated yet
Ok, so I play on my keyboard, and it's great! But when I go to my friend's house, she has to use batteries to power her DGX-205 keyboard! She can't use …

Yamaha DGX 640 sequencer volume adjustments Not rated yet
Is it possible to make volume adjustments on the sequencer "after" a track is recorded?

Yamaha DGX-505 - Keys Don't Work Not rated yet
Had this keyboard since I was 15 I'm now 27 lol. But it cost a lot of money back then and I really want it fixed. At first like 4 keys wouldn't work so …

Yamaha DGX-520 Shutting Off By Itself Not rated yet
Keyboard shuts off when certain chords and scales and left hand bass figures are played. Any idea how to repair? Is it salvageable? Keyboard is about 6 …

Yamaha DGX 530 speaker blown Not rated yet
My keyboard isn't very old but the speakers are in quite a bad condition. Is it possible to fix them or replace them? If so,what are my options?

Yamaha DGX-620 - No sound from file on USB flash Not rated yet
When i have exported mid file from Finale to flash USB i can see it in songs and i can play it (LED is blinking in the tempo) but i dont hear no sound. …

Yamaha Dgx-640 adjacent keys not playing Not rated yet
When I hold down E, F won't play and vice versa. The same is happening with B and C. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've tried a factory reset by holding …

Yamaha dgx 500 - keys not working Not rated yet
I have a dgx 500 and half the keys are not working I took it apart and from I can see the contacts looked clean. Any help would be greatly appreciated …

Have a few keys that do not work on my Yamaha DGX205 Not rated yet
There are the 3 lower E's and the 2 lower Bb's that wont play. I cleaned off any dust and even looked under the green board. There was a small amount …

Yamaha DGX 300 Cannot get any buttons to work after turning on. Not rated yet
Is there a battery that holds bios or cmos? Seems to hang at the floppy disc. Green light flashes about every 10 seconds. Ideas?

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Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-505 Not rated yet
Ive been playing piano the piano for a long time and I have two yamaha keyboards, I have the Yamaha Portable Grand DBX-505 and I have the Yamaha PSRE223 …

Yamaha DGX200 vs DGX230 Not rated yet
I need to know if anyone can give me a short answer as to what are the differences between the Yamaha DGX200 and DGX230? Thank you!

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