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Yamaha PSR-510 Difference in Left & Right Speaker Levels

I have a PSR-510 Yamaha keyboard and the left side of the speaker is considerably more quiet than the right. I thought maybe it was a speaker, so I tried

Continue reading "Yamaha PSR-510 Difference in Left & Right Speaker Levels"

Yamaha PSR-S500 Lines In Display

My display has lines through it. Same thing happened with my PSR-S550B last year. Did some research, and the problem is common to keyboards in this series.

Continue reading "Yamaha PSR-S500 Lines In Display"

Yamaha Clavinova Out of tune

I got the Yamaha clp330m and i pressed something randomly i think and now all the keys are out of tune i just want to know how to reset all the functions

Continue reading "Yamaha Clavinova Out of tune"

Yamaha YPG 625 playing extra notes

My Yamaha YPG 625 has developed an interesting problem recently. When each key is depressed individually they sound fine. However, whenever C and F are

Continue reading "Yamaha YPG 625 playing extra notes"

Yamaha PSR-730 as a MIDI controller only

I want to save myself some money by not purchasing a dedicated MIDI controller but using my Yamaha PSR-730 as a controller with Reason DAW. I want Reason

Continue reading "Yamaha PSR-730 as a MIDI controller only"

Yamaha MM8 Volume and Distortion

When turning my volume knob all the way, I get a loud distortion. Is it my volume control?

Continue reading "Yamaha MM8 Volume and Distortion"

MIDI playback wrong instrument - Yamaha DGX-660

When I record midi to Reaper on my laptop, it plays back on a different instrument than what I recorded with. I'm recording with the default piano sound

Continue reading "MIDI playback wrong instrument - Yamaha DGX-660"

midi transmit from yamaha clp 430 to synth

How can I control my surface synth with my yamaha clavinova clp 430? I am connecting the midi cable out from the clavinova to the midi in of the synth.

Continue reading "midi transmit from yamaha clp 430 to synth"

How to Split Yamaha DGX300

Can someone please help me, with my dgx Yamaha Ivan not get it to split. I need piano on left and strings on right how do I get it to set up that way.

Continue reading "How to Split Yamaha DGX300"

Yamaha CVP103 - Why do my settings keep disappearing?

Hi - I have one of the older Clavinova's - a CVP 103. I constantly have to go through and update my settings even as I am using the keyboard for 1 session.

Continue reading "Yamaha CVP103 - Why do my settings keep disappearing?"

Yamaha CVP205 Style Section and Song Playing

Style section and song playing won't do anything on our cvp 205. Have we done something to the settings or what ? MAny thx.

Continue reading "Yamaha CVP205 Style Section and Song Playing"

Taking my clavinova on the road... reducing its weight

I have been taking my CVP 505 on the road for the last 6 months. To do so I removed the legs for easier carrying and I've built custom saw horses - works

Continue reading "Taking my clavinova on the road... reducing its weight"

What type of headphones for my old Yamaha clavinova clp920?

I can't get headphones to plug into my Yamaha Clavinova CLP920. I know I used them when I first got it years ago. Please help. What type and please post

Continue reading "What type of headphones for my old Yamaha clavinova clp920?"

Wireless headphones for Yamaha CLP240

I have a ten year old clp240, and want to use wireless speakers as the plug and wire continually get damaged by little fingers. Is there anything available

Continue reading "Wireless headphones for Yamaha CLP240"

Yahama YDP-142 Button Panel Does Not Work

The button panel does not work, the rest is working, but buttons don't work... I've alredy tried restore and csis-f-gsis and did not work. some help??

Continue reading "Yahama YDP-142 Button Panel Does Not Work"

Compare Yamaha CVP Series

There are numerous series of cvp Clavinova pianos. Where can I find a comparison by series?

Continue reading "Compare Yamaha CVP Series"

Yamaha PF100 Settings

I have two problems with settings on my PF100. First is when I'm using their voices it drops the Left setting when you change the voices form one preset

Continue reading "Yamaha PF100 Settings"

Out of tune Yamaha S90xs

Was playing at my church on Easter and my S90xs went out of tune. It was so bad I had to stop playing. What could cause this problem? How can it be

Continue reading "Out of tune Yamaha S90xs"

Yamaha YPT-330 - No Sound

My son has been playing piano on the YPT-330 for the past couple of years and today the sound stopped working. I do not have anything plugged into the

Continue reading "Yamaha YPT-330 - No Sound"

16 track recording on new Yamaha CLP 575

I just bought a new CLP 575 and I'm having problems working the 16 track recording. I follow the instructions and record L, R, then Extra. Each time I

Continue reading "16 track recording on new Yamaha CLP 575"

Keyboard Tone Drop

My keyboard has dropped one full tone. I have adjusted transpose to 2 which corrects the problem artificially. I have tried resetting system to factory

Continue reading "Keyboard Tone Drop "

Yamaha Clavinova CLP 820 Repair

I have a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 820 which is many years old. Recently the sound is beginning to deteriorate a little. The occasional key reverberates louder

Continue reading "Yamaha Clavinova CLP 820 Repair"

Connecting Yamaha PSR keyboard to PC

I have a Yamaha psr 295 with some prerecorded songs in memory which i want to transfer to the pc. I also have the drivers and musicsoft software installed

Continue reading "Connecting Yamaha PSR keyboard to PC"

Yamaha i455 tabela styles

Sir Very Good morning.. Hope you are doing well.. I purchased yamaha PSR i 455..I playing in church...I need tabela styles..Please

Continue reading "Yamaha i455 tabela styles"

Yamaha DGX-205 only works with batteries. Bad powerboard needing replacement

Ok, so I play on my keyboard, and it's great! But when I go to my friend's house, she has to use batteries to power her DGX-205 keyboard! She can't use

Continue reading "Yamaha DGX-205 only works with batteries. Bad powerboard needing replacement"

Yamaha DGX 640 sequencer volume adjustments

Is it possible to make volume adjustments on the sequencer after a track is recorded?

Continue reading "Yamaha DGX 640 sequencer volume adjustments"

Yamaha DGX-505 - Keys Don't Work

Had this keyboard since I was 15 I'm now 27 lol. But it cost a lot of money back then and I really want it fixed. At first like 4 keys wouldn't work so

Continue reading "Yamaha DGX-505 - Keys Don't Work"

Yamaha CVP 701 - Help Learning About It


Continue reading "Yamaha CVP 701 - Help Learning About It"

How to remove key in Yamaha P150 piano

How can I remove a black key in the middle of my P150 keyboard . It doesn't seem broken but is not producing any sound

Continue reading "How to remove key in Yamaha P150 piano"

Yamaha P60 - C and F# keys stopped working from Middle C upward

Dear all, I have a Yamaha P60, bought 8 years ago. Last month, 9 keys stopped working: From the Middle C, all C and F# keys do not operate any more. There

Continue reading "Yamaha P60 - C and F# keys stopped working from Middle C upward"

Yamaha clavinova cvp 309 recording techniques various

Good Day; I own the above Clavinova an wish to be advised as to the various techniques required in order to record on to a floppy disc, smart media card,

Continue reading "Yamaha clavinova cvp 309 recording techniques various"

Yamaha Clavinova CVP96 Plays the Wrong Notes

I am having an issue with my piano. If I play the keys individually it plays correctly with no problems. But if I attempt to play a chord or multiple

Continue reading "Yamaha Clavinova CVP96 Plays the Wrong Notes"

Yamaha CVP301 firmware upgrade problem

I have recently purchased a second hand Clavinova CVP301. I'm trying to upgrade the firmware from V 1.04 to V 1.08 but with little success. I have formatted

Continue reading "Yamaha CVP301 firmware upgrade problem"

Great keyboard, but I have a problem! Split Point

MY problem is the SPLIT, it has been good up until yesterday, but now NO MATTER WHERE I SET THE SPLIT POINT, there is a noise something similar to an

Continue reading "Great keyboard, but I have a problem! Split Point"

Yamaha DGX-520 Shutting Off By Itself

Keyboard shuts off when certain chords and scales and left hand bass figures are played. Any idea how to repair? Is it salvageable? Keyboard is about 6

Continue reading "Yamaha DGX-520 Shutting Off By Itself"


Hi Currently I play my old Yamaha PSR 9000, and my new PSR 970 simultaneously via a Midi cable, giving me the opportunity to play 5 left hand voices;

Continue reading "PLAYING BOTH Yamaha PSR970 AND TYROS 5 VIA MIDI CABLE"

Yamaha P60 - 80 out of 88 keys working... But I'd like them all.

Hi Folks, So I picked up a Yamaha P60 on the side of the road and plugged it in with an appropriate cord I had lying around at home and to my surprise

Continue reading "Yamaha P60 - 80 out of 88 keys working... But I'd like them all."

Dead keys - Yamaha Keyboard

Last month my brother got a new phone for his birthday and he's been working on videos to help him improve on the keyboard. The model is a yamaha ypg-235.

Continue reading "Dead keys - Yamaha Keyboard"

Yamaha psr8000 mic problems

Has anyone else seen this problem? I have owned the PSR 8000 for a few years now, never been gigged, but my favorite toy and relaxation method. Today,

Continue reading "Yamaha psr8000 mic problems"

Yamaha Clavinova CVP. 55. Disks won't play back

We recorded music on the 55 a few years back. Today I wanted to listen to the disk but when I inserted disks in the same Clav it was recorded on, the

Continue reading "Yamaha Clavinova CVP. 55. Disks won't play back"

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