Floppy disk reads as unformatted

by Angie
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

My keyboard, which is a DGX-500, is not reading a particular floppy disk of mine. It says the floppy disk is not formatted, but I have saved a number of songs on it. How can I fix this problem and possibly retrieve my songs?

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Aug 10, 2009
by: Dick Rector

Hi Angie,

Hopefully you made a backup from that flop on you computer. Can you computer read the flop? If not I am affrait the disk or the drive has had it.
I am answering your question because I had the same problem and had to change the floppydrive. The readinghead in it goes 'out of line' in time. But the good news is, since a short while you can change the old floppydrive for a new box (same size and connections) with a USB-flashdrive holding a max of 100 floppies.
I did this a few weeks ago for my PSR2000 and I am very happy with it.
If you are interested send me your email-address and I will send you a zipfile with info and pictures. A lot of people are interested to change the old floppydrive, thats why I made this file(But I have absolutely nothing to do with the vendor)
The box cost 100 US$ + about 20 US$ postage by DHL. My box arrived in 3 days from Vietnam.
My email-address: dick.rector.spain@googlemail.com

Hope this helps you.

Bali (Indonesia)

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