Yamaha 61 Key Keyboards Reviews & Layout

You will find reviews of various Yamaha 61 key keyboards here. Before buying your Yamaha keyboard it is wise to learn as much as you can about it. This is where our reviews come in. We provide several useful reviews on this site.

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Yamaha is a leader in the manufacturing of 61-key keyboards.

Popular 61 key Yamaha music keyboards include ...

  • Yamaha EZ250i 61-key portable keyboard
  • Yamaha MO6 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer
  • Yamaha MOTIF ES6 61-Key music synthesizer
  • Yamaha 61-key MOTIF music production synthesizer
  • Yamaha PSR172 61-key portable keyboard
  • Yamaha PSR293 61-key portable keyboard
  • Yamaha PSR273 61-key portable keyboard
  • Yamaha PSRK1 61-key portable keyboard
  • Yamaha PSRE203 61-Key General MIDI Keyboard
  • Yamaha PSRE303 61-Key MIDI Keyboard with Sequencer
  • Yamaha PSRE403 61-Key Digital Keyboard
  • Yamaha S03 Keyboard
  • Yamaha TYROS 61-key digital workstation
  • Yamaha Tyros 2 61-Key Digital Workstation
  • yamaha 61 key keyboard

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    Layout of keys on a 61-key keyboard

    What is the layout of the keys on a 61 key keyboard?

    A keyboard which has 61 keys starts with the note, C and also ends with the note, C. There is a total of six C's on such a keyboard. Middle C is the third C from the left. The diagram below shows the layout of keys on a 61-key music keyboard.

    61 key keyboard layout

    To learn about the sharps and flats on this keyboard, go to the Piano Keyboard Layout page.

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