Yamaha PSR 172 Review

Yamaha PSR 172 review and buying guide.

This is a very basic Yamaha keyboard for beginners. It is probably the kind of keyboard I would have liked when I was just starting out as a child. Who knows?

It's a very low priced keyboard. Where musical keyboards are concerned, the price is normally a good indicator of value, particularly when you're dealing with one specific brand. Usually the higher the price, the better the keyboard.

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Some of the features that the Yamaha PSR 172 offers are 100 preset accompaniment styles, 100 "one touch" settings, 100 sounds, and effects such as dual harmony and split. It also includes 100 internal songs that you can play along with. There's nothing extravagant about this low priced Yamaha keyboard.

Despite it being an entry level keyboard, this keyboard has MIDI IN and MIDI OUT, which comes in quite handy if you want to connect your keyboard to a computer or a more professional musical keyboard.

For keyboard lessons purposes, this Yamaha PSR keyboard includes the Yamaha Education Suite (YES).

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This keyboard has only 16 notes of polyphony. This means that only 16 notes can be sounded at the same time and therefore notes can easily cut off if you're playing more complicated pieces. I just wish it had more. Anyway, a beginner probably doesn't need too much polyphony. To be fair to Yamaha, this keyboard doesn't cost much so you can't expect it to be loaded with features.

Despite the simplistic nature of this keyboard, I wouldn't tell you not to buy it. When I was a kid (a few years ago), I was fascinated by musical keyboards which weren't half as good as this one. These keyboards played a great part in my development as a keyboard player.

I will never underestimate the fun that even a basic keyboard like this one can bring for a child, student, beginner or even an entire family, as well as the foundation it can set for better things. You can find out its price right here. 

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