Yamaha PSRE203 Review

The Yamaha PSRE203 is a keyboard for beginners. If you're on a budget and you want to get a basic keyboard, this may be just what you need.

The keyboard costs under 100 bucks, so that's not much at all. Great for young students and children.

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This portable keyboard has a complete set of learning tools so you don't have to worry about getting the keyboard and not knowing where to start. With a feature known as Interactive Yamaha Education Suite, you can learn songs easily and develop your skill. It also has a chord dictionary for learning chords. 


This beginner Yamaha keyboard has 61 full-size keys, 32-note polyphony, metronome, 9 digital reverb effects, and a Portable Grand stereo piano. It comes with 100 internal songs for listening as well as learning. There are also bass ports for sound that is richer and fuller. Interested in sound effects? Check out the Sound Effect Kit on the Yamaha PSR E203. You get the world of Hip Hop and other hot sound effects in your portable keyboard.

Yamaha PSRE203

One feature that is particularly useful, especially in this computer age is the MIDI I/O feature. With this feature your Yamaha PSRE203 can communicate with computers and other MIDI devices easily. You can use your keyboard as a full-size MIDI controller. The PSR-E203 is General MIDI (GM) compatible. Just download your favorite MIDI song files from the Internet and you'll be on your way. There are thousands upon thousands of these MIDI song files.

The PSR E203 comes with 134 General MIDI compatible voices including trumpets, violins, electric pianos, guitars, bass guitar, harpsichord,and organ. There's also a Portable Grand voice - just press one button and the whole keyboard is reset to a stereo-sampled piano. For only 100 bucks it seems there's quite a lot of features in this portable beginner's keyboard. Check out newer Yamaha PSRE keyboards here. 

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