Yamaha PSR273 Review

The Yamaha PSR273 comes with many features that are first in the line. One of these features is Yamaha's Touch Response feature. If the piano is important to you, you will want a keyboard which has an expressive touch. On an acoustic piano the harder you strike a key, the louder it sounds. Apply less force to the keys and they sound softer. With the Touch Response feature, the keyboard responds like an acoustic piano. For anyone who is serious about taking their music to another level, this is a must have.

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For most keyboard players, the piano sound is very important. If they're going to buy a keyboard it must at least have a good piano voice. If this is the case with you, you wouldn't be disappointed. The Yamaha PSR273 comes with a stereo-sampled piano voice and dynamic filtering. With the Portable Grand feature, you can reset your keyboard to operate in full piano mode with the touch of a button. No matter what sounds or styles you were playing, you can save time and bring up a great sounding piano by simply pressing the Portable Grand button. This is very convenient.

The Yamaha PSR273 is GM (General MIDI) compatible. This means that it can be connected to a computer or other GM instrument and be able to communicate, reproducing GM music files. You can download music files from the internet and your keyboard will be able to reproduce the music accurately. Nowadays, many keyboards come with GM compatibility, but what sets this one apart is the addition of XGlite voices. This makes the keyboard even more compatible to other keyboards and Yamaha XG software.

Yamaha PSR273

Do you want to make your music sound richer? Then make use of the keyboard's layer feature. You can layer any two voices together, like piano and strings, for example. You can choose from 480 voices! You can make your music more interesting by using the split function. This allows you to play two instruments on your keyboard at the same time. Maybe you can play a bass pattern in the left hand and play a piano voice in the right. You have many options.

Do you want to improve your skill? This is what the Yamaha Education Suite feature is for. You will learn how to play songs and chords in a manner that is both easy and fun. You get three keyboard lessons for each hand, lesson grading and a chord dictionary. Beginners and students will find this feature to be a real blessing.

Yamaha PSR keyboards are known for the various styles that they come with and the PSR273 is no exception. It comes with 100 built-in styles. No matter what type of music you're interested in, this Yamaha keyboard won't disappoint. Hold a chord or note and hear drums, piano, bass, brass, organs and so on - a complete orchestra. When it comes to portable keyboards, this feature is one of my favorites.

Everyone wants their music to sound great. With features such as bass bosst, stereo sound, digital signal processing (DSP) and Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) you will be delighted.

The more polyphony, the better. The Yamaha PSR 273 comes with 32 notes of polyphony - just enough. Click here to buy Yamaha keyboards.

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