Yamaha PSRK1 Review

The Yamaha PSRK1 - It's amazing how many incredible features it comes with for such a low price.

Are you ready to start singing away? The Yamaha PSRK1 comes with a microphone; simply connect your microphone to the keyboard and sing in true karaoke style. The huge backlit LCD screen displays lyrics and sheet music, depending on your preferences. You can even connect your Yamaha PSR keyboard to your computer, access the internet and download your favorite songs. That way, there is no limit to the number of songs that you can play and sing along with.

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Forget about portable keyboards that come with small displays. The PSRK1, features a large bitmap display that displays notation, chords and lyrics in real time. Previously, if one wanted these features, one would have to buy more expensive models like the Yamaha PSR 2000 or Yamaha PSR 2100. But now, for a fraction of the cost you are able to enjoy such benefits.

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Having problems storing data on your old keyboard? There is no reason to worry about that anymore. The Yamaha PSR K1 includes an 8MB SmartMedia card that enables you to record MIDI song files and store them for future use. You can even copy songs from your computer onto the SmartMedia card.

Yamaha PSRSK1

There is now no need to go through the hassles of finding sheet music at your local music store. You can connect your keyboard to your computer, download sheet music from the internet and the lyrics and music will be displayed on your keyboard screen. Play or sing along - the choice is yours.

With a feature called Performance Assistant you won't be able to make mistakes. When you select a song and press the Performance Asssistant button, no matter how many mistakes you make, they will be corrected.

Is it important for you to be able to connect your keyboard to a computer? Well you should be delighted by the fact that the Yamaha PSRK1 includes a PC button and USB port that makes that connection a breeze. This feature creates a wealth of musical possibilities through the use of MIDI technology.

With as many as 486 voices, 10 drum kits, 2 sound effects kits, a 2-way stereo speaker system with bass ports, a 6-track built-in sequencer, a sustain pedal jack, transpose, tuning, auto harmony and a CD-ROM containing USB drivers and SongFiler software, you're good to go!

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