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I shall now review the Yamaha S03 music synthesizer. If you're looking for an affordable, yet pretty good keyboard, you can consider this one. It sells for about 500 bucks online. I always maintain that when it comes to music keyboards and other instruments one shouldn't pay for features that they don't need or won't ever use. Well if all you want is a basic keyboard with a fair amount of features, but does the job right, the Yamaha S 03 keyboard may be just what you need. As the Yamaha company says, it bridges the gap between pro sound and affordability.

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Both professionals and beginners may be interested in this keyboard. Keyboard players who already have a solid bottom keyboard for piano may want to use this one as a second keyboard for changing voices. There may be no need to buy a more expensive keyboard. Whether you want to play brass, strings, or whatever on top, it's right there. Personally, I like using a weighted key keyboard along with a non-weighted one, so this mix works just fine for me.

Let's take a look at the features of the instrument. They include 128 preset voices, 128 user, 480 GM/XG voices, and 22 drum kits, a total of 736 voices. Along with this comes 64-note polyphony. There's 25MB of AWM2 sample ROM, GM and XG compatibility, and 16-part multitimbral with 32 user multisettings. You can vary the various sounds to suit your preferences thanks to 3 onboard signal processors that provide you with a total of 64 different effect types. The Yamaha S03 also comes with a computer interface and XGworks Lite Software.

Yamaha S03

It works on PC as well as Mac, so there's no need for concern. There's also a To Host port. As you can see, these are some pretty decent features for the price.

I played this keyboard for a while at a music store and was very pleased with what it could deliver. The sounds were good. Everything from the piano sounds to the drum kits were wonderful.

All in all a good keyboard for 500 bucks. Shop for new Yamaha keyboard models here. 

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