Yamaha Tyros2 Review

Let's take a look at the new Yamaha Tyros2 61-key workstation.

The price alone should be an indicator of what you're getting. The retail price for this keyboard is $4,095.00, although you can buy it online for about 3500 bucks. This professional portable Yamaha keyboard comes with 1,312 great sounds from MegaVoice technology, a large VGA screen, 400 styles, a high-quality keyboard, and optional hard disk recording.

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Only when you seriously want to invest in your music do you need a keyboard like the Tyros2. Otherwise get a cheaper keyboard. This keyboard has received many positive reviews from leading songwriters, arrangers, and performers all over. Whether on stage, at home, or in the studio, you won't find another keyboard like the Yamaha Tyros 2. It's in a class by itself.

The new Yamaha Tyros2 comes with more pro features. It has 42 sounds from Yamaha MotifES, a bigger screen, new styles, new sounds, a music rest, and aux in and return. The keyboard accepts Yamaha, .wav, and .aiff samples.

One feature that I really like is the optional hard disk recording function. You can add a hard disk to the Tyros 2 and achieve CD quality recording results. And with as many as 1,312 sounds from MegaVoice Technology, you will find all the sounds you want. You can use reverbs, choruses, and other DSP effects to make the various voices sound even more professional.

Yamaha Tyros 2

If you're looking for a keyboard that provides a fully expressive response to your playing, you've found it. The Yamaha Tyros 2 has a high-quality 61-key keyboard that is both velocity and aftertouch sensitive. Interested in a keyboard that meticulously recreates every nuance of the world's most popular musical genres? With 400 dynamic accompaniment styles you will be absolutely delighted. You can read lyrics and music scores on the keyboard's VGA screen. You can even connect a monitor so everyone can read the lyrics and sing along - thanks to the RGB/Video output.

This professional Yamaha keyboard also includes a 16-track MIDI sequencer, up to 1GB Custom Voice sample/playback (Wave, AIFF), USB "To Device" storage devices, and USB "To Host" providing 32 MIDI channels. You can connect the Yamaha Tyros 2 directly to internet content, thanks to the Internet Direct Connect function. The keyboard has 128 notes of polyphony - now that's polyphony.

When you need to make great music, when you want to get your creative juices flowing, give the Tyros 2 a try. It's a great source of inspiration for playing, creating, recording, learning, and performing Click here to check out the Yamaha Tyros 4.

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