Yamaha Tyros Review

Yamaha Tyros Keyboard Review

When it comes to portable keyboards, the professionalism of this Yamaha keyboard cannot be denied. It comes with many powerful features that advanced keyboard players would love. Its accompaniment features are quite exceptional, allowing even novice keyboard players and songwriters to benefit. 

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You can purchase a Yamaha Tyros online and benefit from outstanding features such as a built-in digital audio system, a number of speaker formats, onboard digital mixer, huge color display, vocal harmonizer, microphone input, modulation wheels, pitch bend wheels, GM compatibility, 126 - note polyphony, USB computer connection, 61 keys and a large "Music Finder" database.

The above is simply a guide to all the incredible features that the keyboard comes with. As they say, this is simply the "tip of the iceberg".

When it comes to a musical keyboard, the bottom line is sound. This Yamaha keyboard has so many awesome voices - over 1100 in all, and with 96MB of Wave ROM the sound quality is further enhanced.

If portable instruments are your thing and you're thinking of buying a Tyros, I believe that by getting one you would have made a good choice. I played this portable Yamaha keyboard at a musical instrument store and I must admit that I was impressed. Awesome portable keyboard with a sexy look!

Yamaha Tyros 4 Review

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