Piano sustains but not Strings

by Jeremias
(Orlando, FL)

My sustain pedal is connected and works perfectly fine when the piano and other sounds are selected but when playing strings or pads, the sound does not sustain. Not sure if purposely done that way or not but I’d like some help making the string voices such as 058 sustain when I press the pedal like it sustains normally when using the piano. Thanks!

Btw I’ve tried turning on the sustain option in the function menu but that is not the effect Im am looking to turn on. That sustain option just increases the release of the voice.

I’ve also seen the manual as well but could find anything that helped.

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Sep 20, 2023

by: YKG

It sounds like you've already explored some of the options available for sustaining the string voices on your Yamaha DGX-660 and didn't find the desired effect using the sustain function in the menu. Here are a few additional things you can try to make the string voices sustain when you press the pedal:

1. Check the Voice Settings: Make sure you've selected a string voice (such as voice 058) that is capable of sustaining. Some string voices are designed to have a natural decay and may not sustain in the same way as a piano. Try selecting different string voices to see if any of them sustain as you desire.

2. Adjust the Release Time: While you mentioned that the sustain option in the function menu increases the release of the voice, you might still want to experiment with this setting. A longer release time could give the impression of sustained sound for certain string voices.

3. Layer with Another Sound: Create a dual voice by layering the string voice (e.g., 058) with another voice that sustains naturally, such as a pad voice or a choir voice. This way, you can blend the sustaining sound of the pad or choir with the string voice, giving you a sustained effect.

4. Use an External Effect: If the internal settings of your DGX-660 don't provide the desired sustain effect for the string voices, you can consider using an external effect pedal or processor. Connect an external effects unit to your keyboard and use it to enhance and sustain the sound of the string voices as needed.

5. Check for Voice-Specific Features: Some voices on electronic keyboards have unique features and parameters that can be adjusted to control sustain or other aspects of the sound. Review the specific voice settings for the string voice you're using to see if there are any hidden parameters that can be adjusted.

6. Contact Yamaha Support: If you've tried all the above options and are still unable to achieve the desired sustain effect with the string voices, it may be a limitation of the keyboard's internal sound engine. In such cases, you can contact Yamaha customer support for further assistance or clarification on whether the particular voices you're using have inherent limitations in terms of sustain.

Keep in mind that not all electronic keyboard voices are designed to sustain in the same way, and the sustain characteristics can vary between different voices and instrument types. Experimenting with different voice combinations and settings can help you achieve the closest approximation to the sustained sound you're looking for with your string voices.

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