Yamaha CVP405 no sound

by Aries Tapay
(Metromanila, Philippines)

All controls, song sequencer, demo, voice control, style control are working but no sound coming out from speakers, Aux Out and headphones.

The Aux IN is working and comes out of the speakers and headphones; volume control works.

The MIC (Signal/Over) lamps are always ON.

Can anyone help me repair my Clavinova?


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Sep 20, 2023

by: YKG

It seems like you're experiencing a no sound issue with your Yamaha CVP405 Clavinova. There could be several reasons for this problem, and I'll provide you with some troubleshooting steps to help identify and potentially resolve the issue.

1. Check the Mute Function: Ensure that the Clavinova is not muted. Sometimes, users accidentally mute the instrument, so check the mute button or function and make sure it's turned off.

2. Check the Volume Levels: Confirm that the volume levels are not set to zero. Adjust the volume knob to a reasonable level.

3. Check the Connections:

Inspect all audio cables and connections, including the cables from the Clavinova to the speakers and headphones. Ensure they are securely plugged in.
If you're using headphones, try a different set to rule out a headphone issue.
Make sure the cables are not damaged or frayed.

4. Check the Local Control Setting: The Local Control setting determines whether the keyboard generates sound on its own or not. If it's turned off, you won't hear any sound from the keyboard itself. Check your Clavinova's manual to find out how to adjust this setting.

5. Reset to Factory Defaults: You can try resetting your Clavinova to its factory default settings. This can often resolve software-related issues. Consult your manual for instructions on how to perform a factory reset.

6. Check for Mute Groups: Some keyboards have a feature called "mute groups" that allow you to mute specific sections of the keyboard. Make sure none of these settings are activated.

7. Check the Internal Sounds: Test different instrument voices to ensure it's not a specific voice that is causing the issue. Sometimes a single voice can be muted or malfunctioning.

8. Check the Demos and Sequencer: If the demos and sequencer are working, but you're not getting sound, it's possible that there is a setting that is muting the main keyboard sound. Check the sequencer and demo settings to see if there is a specific mute or volume control that needs adjustment.

9. Check for Hardware Issues: If none of the above steps work, there may be a hardware issue with the internal sound generation components of your Clavinova. In this case, it's best to contact Yamaha customer support or a certified technician for a professional diagnosis and repair.

The fact that the MIC (Signal/Over) lamps are always ON may indicate a potential issue with the internal electronics, so it's advisable to have a professional technician inspect your Clavinova if the basic troubleshooting steps don't resolve the problem. They will be able to diagnose and repair any hardware issues that may be causing the lack of sound.

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