Yamaha DGX670 - Recording Issue

by David P

Yamaha DGX670 - absolutely love it. But...

I'm trying to record parts that I play onto a USB stick. Sometimes it seems to save OK. At other times the "saved" file initially appears in the display, but the icon is not the two-note music symbol but a picture of the last instrument I used. When I return to the USB after switching off that file has disappeared. When checking the USB on a computer the successfully saved files are indeed midi, but the ones that have now disappeared are still on the stick but are in a different format - which clearly the Yamaha can't recover.
Any ideas, please?
Is it that I am using additional tracks other than 1-3??

And if tracks 9-16 are used for style arrangements (which I'm not trying to record in the above) and the manual says you can only record on tracks 1-3, why are there tracks 4-8 at all??
As above, I seem to be able to record and play back parts on those tracks, but can't save it, so that's very limiting.

any help greatly appreciated.

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Jan 10, 2023
Yamaha DGX670 - Limitation with Recording Capabilities NEW
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you may be running into some limitations with the recording capabilities of your Yamaha DGX670 keyboard. The manual you mentioned is correct that you can only record on tracks 1-3, and it's possible that when you try to save a recording on a track other than 1-3, the file is not being saved in a format that the keyboard can recognize.

Regarding the missing files that you see on USB stick after switching off. It's probably the case that the files are being saved as temporary files, which are then deleted when the keyboard is powered off.

As for why there are tracks 4-8, even though you can't save recordings on those tracks, it's likely that these tracks are intended for use during live performance, where you can layer and switch between different sounds and recordings in real-time.

One way you could work around the limitation of only being able to record on tracks 1-3 is to record different parts of your composition on different tracks, and then use a computer software to combine them into a single file. This can enable you to have more tracks to record and saves on your computer.

As for you unable to save when using tracks 4-8, it is a limitation set by the manufacturer and your only option might be to record on tracks 1-3 and later combine them in a computer.

I hope this helps!

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