All My C's are Dead! (Keyboard Keys Not Working)

by Matt

Hello Everyone,

It's an 11 year old keyboard and sadly, I never heard I needed to cover it when not practicing. I tried the banging and the shaking. They're still all silent! Ouch. Any other ideas?

Thanks in Advance,


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Sep 20, 2023
Keyboard Keys Not Working
by: YKG

Hello Matt,

I understand your frustration with your keyboard keys not working. Here are some additional steps you can try to revive your unresponsive keys:

Compressed Air: Sometimes, dust and debris can accumulate under the keys and cause them to stop working. Try using compressed air to blow out any dirt that might be causing the issue.

Key Removal: If you're comfortable doing so, you can carefully remove the keycaps and clean underneath them. Be gentle and use a soft brush or compressed air to clean.

Keyboard Cleaning Solution: You can purchase a keyboard cleaning solution that is safe for electronics. Apply a small amount to a cloth or cotton swab and clean around the non-working keys.

Check for Loose Connections: Sometimes, a loose connection can be the issue. If you have the skills, you can open up your keyboard (if it's not under warranty) and check for any loose or disconnected cables.

Keyboard Testing Software: There are software applications available that can help diagnose and fix keyboard issues. These programs can identify if there are any specific keys or circuits that are not functioning properly.

Contact Manufacturer/Professional Repair: If none of the above solutions work, you might want to consider contacting the manufacturer or a professional repair technician for assistance. They can help you assess the issue and provide a solution.

Remember to be careful when attempting to clean or repair your keyboard, especially if it's still under warranty. Opening it up yourself may void the warranty, so it's a good idea to check the warranty status before attempting any major repairs.

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