Yamaha CVP-705 How to save a MIDI and convert it to MP3

After days figuring out how to make a multi tracks using MIDI, I want to save the file to both the piano internal memory and to the USB. I Also want to convert it to mp3 (or wav if I have too). I get as far as step #7 on page 81 of the user manual that goes something like:

Step 7 - Touch Convert to start conversion. The button to touch is not active on my panel even though the file is checked. What to do?


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Sep 20, 2023

by: YKG

It seems like you're trying to save a multi-track MIDI file on your Yamaha CVP-705 and then convert it to MP3 or WAV format. The fact that the "Convert" button is not active could be due to several reasons, and I'll guide you through the process step by step.

Here's how you can save a MIDI file to your piano's internal memory and a USB drive, and then convert it to MP3 or WAV:

1. Create or Load the Multi-Track MIDI File:

Ensure that you have created or loaded the multi-track MIDI file that you want to work with on your Yamaha CVP-705.

2. Saving to Internal Memory:

Navigate to the part of the user manual that explains how to save MIDI files to the piano's internal memory. This may involve selecting a "Save" or "Store" option in the MIDI recording or playback menu. Follow the instructions carefully to save the MIDI file to the internal memory.

3. Saving to USB Drive:

Insert your USB drive into the appropriate USB port on your CVP-705.
Follow the instructions in the user manual to save the MIDI file to the USB drive. This typically involves selecting the MIDI file and choosing the USB drive as the destination.

4. Converting MIDI to MP3/WAV:

Since the "Convert" button is not active, it's possible that your piano doesn't have a built-in MIDI-to-MP3/WAV conversion feature.
To convert the MIDI file to MP3 or WAV, you'll need to use a computer-based software or a standalone hardware converter. There are many software options available for this purpose, such as "FL Studio," "Ableton Live," or dedicated MIDI-to-audio conversion software.
Follow the instructions for the specific software or hardware converter you choose. Typically, you'll need to import the MIDI file, assign instruments, and then export it as an MP3 or WAV file.

Here's a general outline of how you can convert MIDI to MP3 using a computer-based software like FL Studio:

1. Transfer the MIDI File to Your Computer:

Copy the MIDI file from your USB drive to your computer.

2. Open MIDI-to-Audio Software:

Open your chosen MIDI-to-audio conversion software (e.g., FL Studio).

3. Import MIDI File:

Import the MIDI file into the software.

4. Assign Instruments:

Assign instruments and configure the sound settings for each track as desired.

5. Export as MP3:

Once you're satisfied with the sound, export the project as an MP3 file. Follow the software's export or rendering options to choose the MP3 format and set the export settings.

6. Save the MP3 File:

Choose a location on your computer to save the MP3 file and complete the export process.
This way, you should be able to save your multi-track MIDI file, transfer it to your computer, and convert it to MP3 using dedicated audio software. Remember that the specific steps may vary depending on the software you use, so consult the software's user manual or help documentation for detailed instructions.

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