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Location of internal battery in psr i425 Yamaha keyboard

Could you please help me to locate Yamaha keyboard psr i425 internal battery location

Continue reading "Location of internal battery in psr i425 Yamaha keyboard "

Yamaha DGX 300 Cannot get any buttons to work after turning on.

Is there a battery that holds bios or cmos? Seems to hang at the floppy disc. Green light flashes about every 10 seconds. Ideas?

Continue reading "Yamaha DGX 300 Cannot get any buttons to work after turning on."

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-505

Ive been playing piano the piano for a long time and I have two yamaha keyboards, I have the Yamaha Portable Grand DBX-505 and I have the Yamaha PSRE223

Continue reading "Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-505"

Yamaha Motif keyboard malfunction

we bought the motif for 5 years now.ever since it has been working really well...but recently it has been acting weird.. cannot switch through sounds..and

Continue reading "Yamaha Motif keyboard malfunction"

Creating style in my Yamaha psr 670 - Song recording is not possible now

Once i arm the record button in creating style in my psr 670, a message appears like this song recording is not possible now can somebody help?

Continue reading "Creating style in my Yamaha psr 670 - Song recording is not possible now"

YAMAHA Motif XF8 Sticky keys

I have faced a problem that happens to BH series hammer action keys. After a while (3-4 years some keys start being sticky and do not respond to the touch

Continue reading "YAMAHA Motif XF8 Sticky keys"

Yamaha psr630

I love the sound that the speakers produce on this keyboard and the easy transpose button since I don't know the many chords except one that I had favoured

Continue reading "Yamaha psr630 "

Calypso style needed for Yamaha PSR 550

I own a Yamaha PSR 550 and am searching to find the Calypso style that can be loaded into the keyboard from a style disk. I am a British songwriter living

Continue reading "Calypso style needed for Yamaha PSR 550 "

Yamaha PSR 323 Auto Accomp

I teach keyboard and one of my pupils has a PSR 323. With most keyboards, if you press Auto Accomp ON, then you get melody in the right hand, and one-touch

Continue reading "Yamaha PSR 323 Auto Accomp"

Yamaha S70SX Question

Can The Drum Arpeggios Assigned To The 5 Arpeggio Buttons Be Triggered By An External Source Such As A Foot Pedal or Computer? I Get Frustrated When I

Continue reading "Yamaha S70SX Question"

Can't get broken keyboard key out - HELP!

After many years with no problems, my P90 got the sticky key problem caused by the deterioration of the back part of the key causing it to tilt slightly.

Continue reading "Can't get broken keyboard key out - HELP!"

Yamaha CVP 307 Main Display screen .....not working!

My concern is for my CVP-307's main display screen that shows no display. The LCD button on the upper left hand side no longer determines the brightness/darkness

Continue reading "Yamaha CVP 307 Main Display screen .....not working!"

Major scales on piano and keyboard - How to form them

Learn how to form major scales on piano and keyboard. Major piano scale charts in all keys.

Continue reading "Major scales on piano and keyboard - How to form them"

Learn piano chords - diminished and augmented charts

Learn piano chords here. Learn how to form augmented and diminished chords.

Continue reading "Learn piano chords - diminished and augmented charts"

How to build piano scales - major, minor, chromatic

Learn how to build piano scales. Building major, natural and harmonic minor scales, and chromatic scales on piano.

Continue reading "How to build piano scales - major, minor, chromatic"

Learn basic piano chords and keys

Learn how to play 14 of the most basic piano chords. Easy piano chords and keys for beginners.

Continue reading "Learn basic piano chords and keys"

Pentatonic scale on piano - major and minor

How to construct a pentatonic scale on piano in every major and minor key. What are the notes of each scale?

Continue reading "Pentatonic scale on piano - major and minor"

Piano keyboard diagram: keys with notes

Explains the piano keyboard diagram. 32, 36, 37, 49, 54, 61, 76 and 88 keys. Layout of keys with notes.

Continue reading "Piano keyboard diagram: keys with notes"

Piano Keys Labeled: The Layout Of Notes On The Keyboard

Piano keys and their notes. What is the layout of notes on the keyboard? How to identify notes.

Continue reading "Piano Keys Labeled: The Layout Of Notes On The Keyboard"

How to read piano notes

Learn how to read piano notes. How to identify notes on the grand staff (treble and bass clef).

Continue reading "How to read piano notes"

Yamaha psr 1000 error message

I have a yamaha psr 1000 keybord when i am switching on a error message is showing in the screen ( unexpected error turn the power off and on again hisysdwn.c/133/1A0)

Continue reading "Yamaha psr 1000 error message"

Yamaha P150 Initialization problems

I have a P150 which refuses to get past the initialize voice state. factory reset does not seem to function and I get no initialize ALL when I try it.

Continue reading "Yamaha P150 Initialization problems"


I have a cvp-303 and the screen goes blue. I can read it but the LCD backlit light is not working. Can anyone suggest a way to fix this? Thanks

Continue reading "Yamaha CVP-303 LCD DISPLAY QUESTION"

Yamaha CLP 153S, some keys no sound.

Hi my name is Christopher from Illinois. I just recently got handed down a used yamaha CLP 153s and some of the keys will not play unless they are pressed

Continue reading "Yamaha CLP 153S, some keys no sound."

Clunky keys - Clavinova CVP203

Hello there My name is David from the uk. For several years I owned a yamaha clp 150 ,but I recently purchased a CVP 203 on eBay and now I have a problem

Continue reading "Clunky keys - Clavinova CVP203"

f# and g don't work in all but the top octave - out of the blue

All of a sudden F sharp and G went silent on the 1st four octaves of my yamaha psr-220. What happened?

Continue reading "f# and g don't work in all but the top octave - out of the blue"

Yamaha Clavinova piano CLP-920

I bought the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-920 a few years ago back in 2009 for our daughter. This piano is actually preferred over our 35,000 Baby Grand, and

Continue reading "Yamaha Clavinova piano CLP-920"

Yamaha PSR-313 dead keys. What to do?

My Yamaha PSR-313 purchased in 2008 is now presenting dead keys. Mostly middle C and G. Sometimes other keys will sound a different attack to the note.

Continue reading "Yamaha PSR-313 dead keys. What to do?"

Yamaha DGX200 vs DGX230

I need to know if anyone can give me a short answer as to what are the differences between the Yamaha DGX200 and DGX230? Thank you!

Continue reading "Yamaha DGX200 vs DGX230"

Yamaha CVP 309 - random volume level on some keys

I have a Yamaha CVP 309. I am experiencing inability to control volume from certain keys. Striking a few keys in the mid range result in volume level

Continue reading "Yamaha CVP 309 - random volume level on some keys"

How to replace floppy disk drive on Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700

I need to replace the floppy disk drive a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700 and need instructions as to how to do so. I've taken off the plate that covers the

Continue reading "How to replace floppy disk drive on Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700"

Yamaha Clavinova clp 130 voltage

We moved to Germany and voltage change adjusted to. 220 but won't turn on. Tried using transformer with 120 voltage still won't turn on. Is there a fuse

Continue reading "Yamaha Clavinova clp 130 voltage "

Clavinova gone renegade with transpose function

A Clavinova CLP 230 in my lab is transposing A 440 to about A425. It doesn't match with the other Clavinovas. I tried the transposer ON/OFF, and holding

Continue reading "Clavinova gone renegade with transpose function"

How to open a Yamaha CLP-122 Clavinova

Does anybody know how to get inside a clp-122s. I appreciate I am probably being a bit dim, but here goes. the school I work in has been donated the aforementioned

Continue reading "How to open a Yamaha CLP-122 Clavinova"

Clavinova CVP-5 Disk ( Memory card )

I have a new Clavinova CVP-5 !!! It is old but never used . I am missing the memory card that inserts to the key board . Anyone has an idea where I can

Continue reading "Clavinova CVP-5 Disk ( Memory card ) "

A believer - Yamaha Clavinova CVP 107 Fixed

Our american church has a Yamaha Piano (Clavinova CVP 107) which was broken one month ago. The symptom was that that piano was automatically shut down

Continue reading "A believer - Yamaha Clavinova CVP 107 Fixed"

Yamaha keyboard pictures

Post pictures of your Yamaha keyboard(s) and setup here.

Continue reading "Yamaha keyboard pictures"

Yamaha Keyboard Forum

Yamaha keyboard forum. Share your thoughts. Discuss anything to do with Yamaha keyboards and pianos here.

Continue reading "Yamaha Keyboard Forum "

Yamaha P-80 digital piano design flaw

The P-80 (and its relatives I believe) has a well-known design flaw. Some white keys - mainly D and C - break at the pivot end, always in the same spot

Continue reading "Yamaha P-80 digital piano design flaw"

Yamaha MOXF6 and MOXF8 Reviews

Yamaha MOXF6 and MOXF8 reviews. MOXF versus more expensive Yamaha Motif models.

Continue reading "Yamaha MOXF6 and MOXF8 Reviews"

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