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    Yamaha PSR 323 Auto Accomp 
    I teach keyboard and one of my pupils has a PSR 323. With most keyboards, if you press Auto Accomp ON, then you get melody in the right hand, and one-touch …

    c major key gone bad 
    i own psr550 since 2000, its working abso fine with no complaints whatsoever till now. only recently 1 key C major before middle C has gone bad. it is …

    Yamaha PSR S900 keyboard info 
    It maybe just me...... but I am having a problem understanding the manual and how the Registration storage works. I would like to be able to load up …

    Key problem with PSR 200 
    I got a PSR 200 keyboard! The problem with this one key dosen`t give me a proper sound. When I push it down many times don`t give me any sound just later. …

    PSR-E323. FLASH MEMORY. FLASHERR Error when transfer .midi or .sty files. 
    Hi excuse me english ... :S I buy the keyboard PSR-E323 and begin to use this and all features. I buy the MIDI USB cable, xmidi 1x1 tab USB MIDI …

    Yamaha psr-e423 - touch sensitive function doesn't work with some voices 
    Hi, I owned a PSR-E423. Only just recently, I've noticed that the touch sensitive function doesn't work with some of the voices. The voices that aren't …

    Yamaha PSR-330 Some keys won't play 
    My father-in-law lent me a Yamaha PSR-330 keyboard to play around with to help me decide on a prospective purchase. I play guitar reasonably well but have …

    Yamaha PSR-OR 700 - One Touch Setting 

    How to record the output of the Yamaha PSR 413 on my PC? 
    I have been trying to connect the Yamaha PSR 413 output to my PC through the Stereo jack from Yamaha to Mic input of my laptop. Moment I take a output …

    Replacing contacts on Yamaha PSR 85 
    My brother, who is very ill and currently in a nursing home has a Yamaha PSR 85 keyboard that needs a contact replaced, as one key will not play. We have …

    Greek rhythms 
    Quite simply, do any yamaha keyboards have greek rhythms.Any help would be a help. thanks eristos

    keyboard style files 
    can i purchase worship style files that are on the psr s 910 keyboard to input to my recently acquired psr s 710 keyboard ?

    yamaha psrk1 driver compatibility on windows me 
    i have a psrk1 keyboard and i am using windows me i downloaded this driver um122me9 in yamaha.com but when i installed it on my computer but it is not …

    About USB of Yamaha PSR S550B 

    style file does not show in the flash memory Yamaha psr e413 
    style file does not show in the flash memory psr e413 by ron tr (edmonton) I transferred the boston.styl using musicsoftloader. It seemed to go …

    Yamaha PSR E403 Keyboard Q & A 
    Please could explay the difference between these three models? thanks ale

    about buying new keyboard 
    presntly i have yamaha psr i425. but i want to buy new one my budget is 20000 to 35000rs. i am looking for yamaha psr s550b. is it aright decision? can …

    Yamaha PSR-18 Keys Not Sounding 
    Some keys on my PSR-18 do not sound. I can get a sound from them when I press hard or press at about the middle of the key. I suspect that there is a …

    Yamaha PSR-E223 Can I split the voice on the keyboard? 
    I realize I bought a lower end keyboard and it will not do everything but I would like to play one voice with the right hand and different voice with the …

    Yamaha Psr 900 lcd problem 
    Dear all My two years old psr 900 has recently stuck with lcd problem, two vertical line appears on the screen with different colors. The authorized …

    Yamaha PSR 1100 Q & A 
    Hei all... Ive a problem with my psr 1100... it doesnt display anything on start up... only blank screen... (Ive already adjusted and checked the contrast …

    Yamaha psr s910 and PSR2000 

    Yamaha PRS550 - pitch bend error 
    I have Yamaha psr550. It pitch bend is out of tune. What is reson? Is it dust problem. Can i solve this problem from replace pitch bend

    Replace power adaptor - Yamaha PSR-340 
    Where can I buy a new adaptor (PA-5B/5C/51) for my Yamaha Portatone PSR-340? I have lost the original one. Thank you.

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    Yamaha PSR 3000 Q & A 
    how to remove the delay effect on the mike in my psr 3000 keyboard?

    Yamaha PSR 8000 keyboard 
    Hi, my yamaha psr 8000 is down. I understood that I need to reboot the operating system. I don't have supporting files or data to do that. Does anybody …

    Yamaha PSR E323 keyboard Q & A 
    How can I EASILY obtain the songbook for the 100 songs built-in my Yamaha PSR E323 instrument????? I do not have a computer at home. Is it possible to …

    Yamaha PSR 2100 keyboard Q & A 
    My Yamaha PSR 2100 was opened by me & i lightly removed off the dust on the circuit area with a keyboard brush. Now the balance, main voice, direct …

    certain keys have stopped working 
    A few keys on my keyboard are not working anymore. On C4 its F# and G, on C5 its D, F and G#. How can i get those working again? Im using a PSR-275 …

    Yamaha PSR-280 Keyboard Note Holding 
    On my Yamaha PSR-280 Keyboard I would like to know how you can hold a note for a few seconds after you take your finger off a key. I only ask because in …

    Yamaha PSR 275 Saving Function Settings 
    I'm wondering if there's a way to save function settings to the keyboard, so that I don't have to press through the function menu 20 times to turn off …

    Yamaha PSR E203 F chord out of tune 
    I've noticed that when I play the F chord F-A-C it sounds out of tune. The display screen shows that an extra note is being added to the chord F-A-B-C. …

    label the keyboard with the correct notes. 
    i want to know what is the correct letters to put on my PSR E323 so that i can be able to play my keyboard without making a mistake, please help me with …

    all major scales Yamaha PSR E-313 
    why isn`t the keyboard lcd showing interval seconds? why isn`t the keyboard lcd showing suspended major sevenths? why isn`t it showing whole tone scales? …

    free styles to be downloaded for Yamaha PSR I425 KEYBOARD 
    Dear sir I recently purchased the yamaha psr i425 and studying the keyboard. I already had casio ct670 and using the same in the church choir..Could …

    Copying styles and voices 
    How do I copy styles and voices from my psr 2100 to my laptop? I am pointed to different sites that say 'this will do this, and that will do that', but …

    Sheet Music holder for Yamaha PSR-2 
    I am looking for a sheet music holder that attaches to the Yamaha PSR-2 keyboard. Any ideas?

    transferring sounds from one keyboard to another 
    I have a Yamaha PSRS 900 & i want to transfer a style to a Yamaha PSRS 700. I have a midi cable but dont know what to do?

    Musicsoft Downloader 
    I just got a PSR-e413, and some problems have come up with the computer connection. Every time I try to open the Musicsoft downloader, it doesn't actually …

    Copying styles and voices to another keyboard 
    I have a new PSR S910. I used to use a PSR 2100 that has some good styles and voices that I would love to copy to the PSR S910. Is this possible and …

    beat changes sometimes changes when headphone out connected to amp 
    My 14 year old son has a PSR E313 which on which he has produced some lovely music, however on occasions he sets up a beat to accompany a song and when …

    Yamaha PSR-275 Transpose all keys? 
    I can't figure out how to transpose all of the keys on the PSR-275. Transpose -12 lowers all keys {B2..C6} one Octave but does not affect the keys …

    problem with the sound that comes out through the Aux out/phones on my psr 220 
    hello i was trying to connect a cable into the aux out jack into my computer in order to record my PSR 220 (not as a midi, but as an instrument with …

    Yamaha psr e413 - Songs Keep Erasing 
    I have the Yamaha psr e413 and i make my own songs on it. Once in a while i turn it on, and it says "back up clear" then all my songs are erased. How can …

    Keyboard Malfunction  
    The Yamaha PSR 740 Keyboard sometimes stops while playing a recorded disc. Also, in the middle of a performance using a prerecorded disc it switched from …

    Yamaha PSR Styles for worship band? 
    I'm thinking about buying a Yamaha PSR keyboard to replace an older Casio arranger keyboard that we are using in my church's contemporary worship service. …

    Can I replace the floppy disk unit that no longer works on my Yamaha PSR 620? 
    I dearly love my Yamaha PSR 620 and it works fine EXCEPT the floppy disk won't boot anymore. Can I find the right unit and replace it myself (I can't …

    Yamaha psr 1000 error message 
    I have a yamaha psr 1000 keybord when i am switching on a error message is showing in the screen ( unexpected error turn the power off and on again hisysdwn.c/133/1A0) …

    Yamaha PSR-630: Need fix for reversed polarity of sustain pedal 
    Hi, My name's Jane and I have a PSR-630, and when I use my sustain pedal with it the function is reversed (it sustains when it's in a resting state, …

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    Yamaha PSR2000 keyboard won't power up 
    Yamaha psr2000 when I switched it on recently it came on briefly then went straight off again. I have checked the power supply and that is fine can you …

    Display image distorted - Yamaha PSR900S 
    My PSR900S has developed a fault line through the middle of the display. All modes have the same image fault. Any suggestions of how to fix it or which …

    Creating style in my Yamaha psr 670 - Song recording is not possible now Not rated yet
    Once i arm the record button in creating style in my psr 670, a message appears like this "song recording is not possible now" can somebody help?

    f# and g don't work in all but the top octave - out of the blue Not rated yet
    All of a sudden F sharp and G went silent on the 1st four octaves of my yamaha psr-220. What happened?

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