Yamaha PSR2000 keyboard won't power up

by jacqueline smith
(united kingdom)

Yamaha psr2000 when I switched it on recently it came on briefly then went straight off again. I have checked the power supply and that is fine can you tellme is tthere a fuse inside somewhere or else what could be the problem?

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Feb 11, 2015
PSR 2000 Error Message
by: Anonymous

Dear Admin,
How to resolved my Yamaha keyboard PSR 2000 create error in the screen.it says unexpected error turn the and with the error code power off and on again hisysdwn.c/133/2fa64f22.

thanks looking forward to a postive response

Jan 25, 2010
PSR 2000
by: Alfred

Dear Jacqueline: "JUST IN CASE" (and I hope not),
my earlier suggestions fail to correct the problem,you should consider contacting either of the two following:

Yamaha Music U.K. Ltd.
Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8BL, U.K.
Tel: (44) 1908-366700 Fax: (44) 1908-368872


Puretech Solutions, UK – (Yamaha-approved Tech. Svce. www.puretechsolutions.co.uk

When you making contact,have Model and Serial number at hand. Good luck!!

Jan 25, 2010
PSR 2000
by: Alfred

Dear Jacqueline: ONE POSSIBLE cause is the ADAPTOR. It may have a defective Output winding.
Try a new Adaptor with THE SAME SPECIFICATIONS.
Another possibility is the Cable of the Adaptor. It may be damaged internally, making intermittent contact of current flow.
A third possibility is a defective or dirty Jack (socket where the Adaptor Plug enters your Unit). Try a squirt of Electronic Contact Cleaner, then insert/and withdraw the Adaptor Plug a few times to see if there is any improvement. Whatever you do DO NOT OPEN THE UNIT. Any more serious problem(s) are for a QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN (preferably Yamaha-authorized). Now that you've found this Forum, please do the favor of posting a message saying how you fare, and come back anytime with questions or comments. Thanks.

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