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Yamaha Clavinova CVP Piano - CVP 307

Peter Baartmans introduces himself and presents the Yamaha CVP 307. He talks about 5 CVP models - CVP301, CVP303, CVP305, CVP307 and CVP309. He boasts that the CVP now has "the best digital piano Yamaha ever made built into the CVP". He goes on to play a jazzy tune on the Clavinova and demonstrate the grand piano sound.

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He then plays various sounds - soprano saxophone, sax section, organ and strings. He talks about mega voice technology and the Yamaha clavinova CVP piano's real guitar and bass sounds. He goes on to play a 70's TVT style to demonstrate the mega voice, with an electric guitar playing in the background. I thought that the guitar sounded very real. He showed off an acoustic guitar sound as well. Impressive, I must say!

Next, Peter Baartmans plays along with a big band style. He then talks about various functions of the Clavinova including karaoke. One can sing along with lyrics appearing in display. The next function he talks about is the score function. The score appears in the display. You can record your own song and see the score. Great for MIDI files.

He talks about saving data not only on the floppy disk drive but also on a smart media card and memory stick. He says where one can get more information about the Clavinova CVP307 and other models.

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