Yamaha Upright Piano Video & Review

Yamaha Upright Piano - YUS series

In this video, Peter Baartmans takes a look at the Yamaha YUS upright piano series.

He begins by introducing himself and goes on to show different YUS pianos namely the YUS1, YUS3 and YUS5. He begins playing the Yamaha YUS5 piano. Immediately you know that he's got great talent. He plays some really sweet piano music and a narrator begins to talk about the piano.

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Narrator praises the Yamaha YUS series and how although Yamaha has been "making pianos for over half a century", the new YUS series is "something of a departure", "taking quality and performance of professional upright piano series to a new level". The narrator goes on to talk about the various features of the Yamaha YUS series.

He talks about the various pianos in the Yamaha upright piano YUS series, the YUS1, YUS3 and YUS5. All this takes place while Petter Baartmans plays in the background. You're shown pictures of the pianos as well as various parts of the pianos. You get to see the hammers in action, the strings, the soft closing mechanism, pedals and more.

Narrator stops and the focus is now on Petter Baartmans as he plays. Peter then gives additional information on how one can get one of the pianos.

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