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I like this Yamaha disklavier piano review by Peter Baartmans. I find it not only very informative but also very entertaining. It's amazing what this disklavier, the DS6 M4 PRO grand piano, can do. Watch as he talks about the various features of this Yamaha disklavier piano.

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The video starts with Peter Baartmans introducing himself and talking about the fact that it's actually a real acoustic piano. He then goes on to play a very beautiful slow song on the piano. You will notice that he is a very talented player.

While playing the song he is actually recording. He then plays back the song on the acoustic piano. What's very impressive is that the song not only plays by itself but the keys move as well without hands. Truly remarkable. The exact copy of the recording, plays back.

He then demonstrates the fact that the Yamaha piano can play very soft and can hold the keys in every position. Amazing how the keys move up and down without hands and the various positions that the keys are at.

Next, he talks about the main part of the DS6 M4 PRO grand piano, the in and out center where you can store lots of data including CD files, midi files, etc. He talks about how to get access to this computer system via the remote control PR300. He talks about being able to go far away from the disklavier and still being able to control it, thanks to the remote control system.

He then takes a look at the media center of the disklavier, on the left side of this Yamaha piano, and its various features, including floppy disk drive, CD ROM drive, and various functions let play, stop, quiet mode, etc.

Watch as he demonstrates the quiet mode of the Yamaha piano and how easy it is to practice with headphones.

He shows how the disklavier has various other sounds apart from piano, including organ and acoustic bass. All the sounds are MIDI sounds. You can play along with a sequencer or MIDI file. I find this feature very useful. Peter plays along with a MIDI file to drive the point home.

He talks about the various AEM voices of the Yamaha disklavier piano including tenor and baritone sax. He plays a very beautiful song where the alto sax is used for solo, and the video ends.

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