How to choose the best Yamaha keyboard

What is the best Yamaha keyboard for you?

First of all you need to know the features you want and select a keyboard that comes with these features. Your best Yamaha keyboard may not be someone else's. As long as you know what you want in your keyboard, it's easy to choose.

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Let's take a look at a few features you should look out for. They are vocal harmony, guide lamp, Internet connectivity, or Yamaha Education Suite. Let's talk about these four features for a while to help you decide whether or not you need them.

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Vocal Harmony

First of all let's talk about vocal harmony. With this feature you get a wide range of professional sounding voice accompaniment. If you're gonna be using your keyboard for karaoke purposes, this is a great feature to have. Advanced keyboard models include studio quality voice enhancement technology such as vocoder effect, pitch correction, and even gender changing.

How to choose your best Yamaha keyboard.

Guide Lamp

If you're a student you will find Yamaha's guide lamp very useful. With this feature the keys light up as you play, indicating where you should place your fingers. The lights on your keyboard even wait for you to find the correct key. This is a great way to learn keys and chords. The Yamaha EZ200 is one such keyboard.

Internet Connectivity

Nowadays, all keyboards can be connected to a computer, whether keyboard to PC or through a MIDI interface. But now Yamaha takes it one step further with a feature known as Internet Direct Connect (IDC). With this feature you can connect directly to the Internet with your keyboard. You can choose from thousands of songs thanks to the easy to navigate intuitive interface. If want to harness the power of the Internet the keyboard you choose must have this feature.

Yamaha Education Suite

The Yamaha Education Suite feature is great for students. This feature actually teaches you how to play the keyboard. It comes with multiple types of keyboard lessons, a chord dictionary, as well as three keyboard lessons for each hand. If you want to improve your keyboard skills or want to learn how to play keyboard this is the best Yamaha keyboard for you.

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