Yamaha Keyboard Lessons & Yamaha Education Suite

 Yamaha keyboard lessons come in the form of what Yamaha calls the Yamaha Education Suite. Although these lessons should not replace a music teacher, they can serve as a very good supplement. These Yamaha keyboard lessons are very convenient because they are right on your keyboard.

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The Yamaha Eduction Suite (YES) is found on many Yamaha PSR keyboards. Actually, there are four versions.

Version 1 has 3 main features. There's a Chord Dictionary, Smart Chord, and Easy Chord. This version was released in 1998 on the PSR225. In 1999 it was released on the PSR240, PSR270 and PSR340 keyboard.

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Version 2 includes a Dictionary mode, Timing mode, Waiting mode, Minus One mode, and Both Hands mode. This version (YES 2) was released in 2000 on the PSR160, PSR260, PSR262, PSR280, PSR282 and PSRGX76. In 2001 Yamaha released it on the PSR170 and PSR350 keyboard.

Version 3 is identical to version two except for the addition of two features: Guide Lights and Singing. You will find this feature on the EZ20 and EZ30. The YES3 was released in early 2001.

Version 4 is almost identical to version 2 with the addition of two features: Repeat and Learn and Your Tempo. Yes Version 4 was released in 2004 on the DGX203, DGX205, DGX305, DGX505, PSR293 and PSR295.

So when you need keyboard lessons, you should have no problems. Many folks choose Yamaha keyboards for this specific reason. The fact that it comes with lessons. This helps them take their music to a higher level. The Yamaha Education Suite feature helps them learn how to play or improve on their playing ability, and they're delighted. 

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