Yamaha YDP S51 Review

The Yamaha YDP S51 is part of the Arius series that includes digital pianos like the Yamaha YDP-142 and Yamaha YDP-162. It costs  US$1699 online, 200 dollars more than the YDP-162 and 500 dollars more than the YDP-142. It is similar to the YDP-142 and 162 with respect to features and digital technology and the matching bench it comes with. It differs in terms of cabinet design, internal sound system and key action. 

Yamaha Arius YDP S51

The YDP-S51 looks like an upright piano but cost so much less. If you're looking for an acoustic piano alternative, if you want a good digital piano, the Arius series of digital pianos is worth checking out. 

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I'm very impressed with the sound of the Yamaha Arius YDP S51. It's very rich, very realistic and inspiring. The piano sound is similar to that of the renowned Clavinova range that Yamaha has earned high praise for. The YDP-S51 has 128 note polyphony like the other Arius digital pianos we mentioned and this means that you don't have to worry about notes cutting off during complex passages and heated performances. This becomes particularly important for dual voices like piano and strings. 

Students will benefit from the duo function that allows one to split the keyboard in two and have two players play at the same time. Both players can use sustain pedals.  This is very convenient for lesson and duet playing.

Like the YDP 162, the Yamaha YDP-S51 features a Graded Hammer keyboard. This is a much better keyboard than the GHS action of the YDP142. It is also less noisy. Just like an acoustic piano, there's subtle weight variations from the low end of the keyboard which is heavy, while the higher notes are increasingly lighter to the touch. 

The Yamaha Arius YDP S51 comes with three sturdy metal pedals that provide an overall good pedal feel experience and allow you to replicate the delicate nuances of an acoustic piano. 

As far as color goes, the Yamaha YDP S51, offered in satin black and satin white is very attractive. Although I don't really like the cabinet design and the way it looks when the lid is open. But this is just my opinion. I prefer the cabinet design of the YDP-142 and 162. 

Yamaha Arius YDP-S51

Admittedly, the YDP-S51 is a great choice for someone looking for a top-of-the-line home digital piano. But I prefer the YDP-162. I think one is better off saving that extra 200 dollars and buying the Yamaha YDP-162 digital piano. Then again it's just my opinion. 

The YDP S51 comes with many other convenient features. Learn more about the Yamaha Arius YDP S51 digital piano. 

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