Yamaha MO8 Music Production Synthesizer Workstation Review

Let's take a look at the Yamaha MO8 88-Key Music Production Synthesizer. If 61 keys are just not enough, then forget about the Yamaha MO6 and invest in one that has the full set of 88 keys. The Yamaha MO8 is a direct descendant of the pro-level MOTIF ES and features the same balanced hammer-action keyboard technology and mechanism as the Yamaha S90 ES.

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So just when you thought you had seen it all with the Yamaha MOTIF ES, here comes the Yamaha MO 8 88-Key Music Production Synthesizer Workstation with DAW Control. Thought you couldn't afford a MOTIF? Think again. Thanks to the Yamaha MO8 it's now affordable.

Like the MOTIF ES, this synthesizer comes with amazing voices, high-quality effects and powerful filters. In fact all these derive from the same technology, and the memory capacity is the same. The keyboard also features the stunning Mega Voice technology.

Yamaha MO8

This synthesizer may be just what you're looking for. It doesn't matter whether you're a semi-professional musician, home/project studio owner, performer, or songwriter. I'm talking about a music production synthesizer that provides a full set of authentic sounds and comprehensive music-making features.

If you're into making contemporary style music you'd better forget about keyboards that are based on "old-school" styles and voices. The Yamaha M08 Music Production Synthesizer is just what you need when you want to create contemporary and popular styles of music such as club, urban pop, R&B, electronica, dance, hip hop, techno, and so on.


The MO8 has 88 weighted, touch-sensitive keys, 64-note polyphony, 256 performance presets, 256 user presets, a backlit graphic LCD, 5-band master EQ, as well as USB and S/PDIF outs for digital connectivity.

Other features include 512 original, realistic instrument voices, 64 drum kits, 128 GM tones, a GM drum kit, modern and vintage synth models. In addition, the Yamaha MO 8 comes with 18 responsive, realtime filters and over 200 high-quality effects for sound shaping and signal processing.

I must say that I'm impressed with the song sequencer on the Yamaha M08. The sequencer includes a pattern mode, phrase building, and a one-key arpeggiator with as many as 1700 sequenced phrases. What's more is that you can control your favorite sequencer software from the keyboard itself via USB. The Yamaha MO8 is compatible with Studio Connections. This allows comprehensive hardware/software integration into your music production system. And thanks to Audio Integration you can seamlessly assign and access the MO right from the sequencer.

Depending on how many keys you're interested in you can choose between the M06 and MO 8. The MO8 obviously costs a little more. Last time I checked it was being sold for about 1600 bucks while the MO6 costs about 1200. But no matter which one you choose rest assured that you are getting a really powerful unit in which you can gather all your musical needs. I highly recommend this Yamaha keyboard. Go here to read more about it. 

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