Yamaha MIDI Keyboard - Buyer's Guide

Searching for a Yamaha MIDI keyboard? I shall list some of the more popular ones available and provide a guide to help you choose one that meets your needs.

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There is a wide range of MIDI keyboards to choose from. Popular Yamaha MIDI keyboard controllers include the Yamaha KX25, KX49, KX61 and KX 8. These keyboards are USB compatible so you can't go wrong.

How many keys do you need? If you're not gonna be playing elaborate pieces that require a long keyboard, you can save money and buy a Yamaha KX25. In addition, it will save you space and you can carry it around easily. If you need more keys, you can check out the Yamaha KX49 or even the Yamaha KX61. If you want the weighted feel of an acoustic piano and a full 88 key keyboard, consider the Yamaha KX8 MIDI controller.

I have written a review on these MIDI controllers. You can read about the KX series of MIDI controllers here.

All Yamaha keyboards come with a MIDI function. I'm referring to regular Yamaha portable keyboards, Yamaha PSR keyboards, Yamaha clavinovas, Yamaha workstations, Yamaha synthesizers and even Yamaha digital pianos. Is this what you're looking for? If so you shouldn't have any problems. You will be able to hook up your keyboard or digital piano to other MIDI keyboards, computers, or other MIDI devices, easily.

But if you want a keyboard that specializes in the MIDI department, you should certainly check out Yamaha MIDI controllers like the Yamaha KX25, Yamaha KX49, Yamaha KX61 and Yamaha KX 8.

Clearly, there are various types of MIDI keyboards to choose from. It all depends on your needs, preferences and budget.

Yamaha is a leading manufacturer of MIDI keyboards and is known to deliver. While there are many other MIDI keyboard manufacturers on the market, for many of todays musicians, nothing beats a Yamaha. Click here to check out a Yamaha MIDI keyboard.

Update: The KX series has been discontinued.

CBXK series of Yamaha MIDI controllers - also discontinued.

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