Yamaha MIDI Keyboards Buying Guide

What are the main Yamaha MIDI keyboards available today? Let's find out ...

  • The Yamaha CBXK1 MIDI keyboard
  • The Yamaha CBXK2 MIDI keyboard
  • The Yamaha CBXK1 MIDI keyboard with XG Tone Generator
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    Nearly every Yamaha keyboard mentioned on this site includes MIDI capabilities. However, the three mentioned here specialize in the MIDI department. I have listed them according to price ... From lower to higher price. Let's have a look at these keyboards.

    #1. The Yamaha CBXK1 

    This MIDI keyboard features 37 mini keys. It also includes remote control functions, transpose, octave shift, MIDI merge, MIDI channel fixed functions and MIDI In/Out. It supports all XG functions.

    The Yamaha CBXK1 is a simple and straightforward MIDI keyboard that does the job. If you need something a little more advanced, keep reading.

    #2. The Yamaha CBXK2 

    This Yamaha keyboard comes with a total of 49 full size keys. It also includes remote control functions, transpose, octave shift, MIDI merge, MIDI channel fixed functions MIDI In/Out, a programmable wheel and slider and a footswitch input. It supports all XG functions.

    If you're looking for more keys, larger keys, and so on, you would probably choose the Yamaha CBXK2 over Yamaha MIDI keyboards like the Yamaha CBXK1.

    #3. The Yamaha CBXK1XG 

    Next in line is the Yamaha CBXK1XG, the most advanced of the Yamaha MIDI keyboards discussed here. It's the same as the Yamaha CBXK1 except for the fact that it includes a 32 note polyphonic XG tone generator.

    The tone generator features as many as 747 voices and 22 drum kits and is General MIDI compatible. It comes with a TO HOST connector for a computer interface, built-in personal monitors and audio input.

    If you want much more than just a basic MIDI keyboard, this would probably be the right choice.

    You can buy a good Yamaha MIDI keyboard here.

    Update: the CBXK series has been discontinued.

    KX series of Yamaha MIDI controllers - also discontinued. 

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