Yamaha Motif Keyboards Review

Let's take a look at the different types of Yamaha Motif keyboards available today.

  • The Yamaha Motif6 (61 keys)
  • The Yamaha Motif7 (76 keys)
  • The Yamaha Motif8 (88 keys)
  • The Yamaha Motif ES6 (61 keys)
  • The Yamaha Motif ES7 (76 keys)
  • The Yamaha Motif ES8 (88 keys)
  • Latest models:

    MOTIF XS6, XS7 and XS8 Review.   

    The six Yamaha Motif keyboards listed above can be separated into two categories. #1. Motif Synthesizers #2. Motif ES.

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    The first three fall under the first category and the last three fall under the second category.

    Undoubtedly, the Motif synthesizer ranks way at the top where synthesizers are concerned. There's not much more I can say here that has not been said before. The Motif has received praises in all keyboard circles. I have to admit that every comment that I've found about Yamaha Motif keyboards on the internet has been positive. I'm not saying that there are no negative comments. I just haven't found them yet.

    Yamaha Motif

    If you've been following what is happening in the musical keyboard or synthesizer world to the slightest degree, you know that the Yamaha Motif is no joke and that it's one of the biggest keyboard developments to date. I really don't want to sound like I'm trying to sell this Yamaha keyboard, but I can't help saying how much I love it!

    I've decided not to discuss all the incredible features that the Yamaha Motif comes with. I really don't want this page to go on and on ... I prefer to let you read about it from the manufacturer or dealer.

    The Motif ES takes the Motif several steps further. The number of great features that this Yamaha keyboard has is really incredible. It costs much more money, so this should give you a hint as to how much more advanced it is than the Motif synthesizer. This is what I call a crazy keyboard! Again, I won't bother to delve into all its many superb and advanced features.

    Please permit me to repeat that I really love the Motif. Whether it's Yamaha Motif synthesizers or Yamaha Motif ES, the Yamaha Motif continues to be my favorite musical keyboard. If you ask me to choose between the Motif and the Triton, I'd pick the Motif. It's just my personal choice and preference. How about you? You can visit a musical keyboard/Yamaha keyboard store today to check out this keyboard.

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