Yamaha Motif 7 Review

The Yamaha Motif 7 keyboard is undoubtedly a top of the line synthesizer. This is why so many musicians all over the world choose it over other music workstations. Many argue that the Motif is the best sounding synth on the market. Well I certainly wouldn't debate that. I must say that I have played this keyboard a lot and I have been truly impressed by its incredible sounds.

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The Yamaha Motif 7 keyboard comes with 85MB wave ROM. What Yamaha did was take the best waveforms of highly acclaimed keyboards like the S80, 9000 Pro and EX series synthesizers. All this in one keyboard!

And that's not all. Apart from a number of new and improved waves, Yamaha has included many of the drums of the RS7000 Music Production Studio. So if sound is most important to you, you will be more than delighted with the Yamaha Motif.

The Yamaha Motif7 comes with a total of 76 keys. There's the Yamaha Motif 6 that comes with 61 keys and the Yamaha Motif 8 that comes with 88 weighted keys. So if 88 keys are too much (or too heavy) and 61 keys too little, you can just go with the Motif7. At the end of the day, it all depends on your situation and preferences.

You will be delighted by the Category Search function. When you're playing you want to be able to select sounds quickly. This function will give you quick access to the sounds you want.

Are you interested in creating your own music? Do you want true audio and MIDI recording freedom? Well nothing beats the Yamaha Motif's Integrated Sampling Sequencer. This is one of the departments where the Motif 7 keyboard beats a lot of music synthesizers in its class.

You can read complete discussions of the Yamaha Motif synthesizer online and decide if it's right for you. I recommend this keyboard highly. You can check one out today.

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