Advice on choosing a good keyboard.

by balasu5


Off late, I started developing interest in learning to play keyboard. I am totally blank in the keyboard and please bear any my novice-ness in my request!

I am kind of lost about deciding the good keyboard.

I will list some of my expectations. I am looking to get pointers about the possible options that I have and I will greatly appreciate your comments and help!

* 76 keys
* a large polyphonic one
* multi track
* Computer connectivity
* On board screen to display the notes
* Recording capability
* Auto-play of the downloaded tunes
* Karaoke support (vocal harmony)
* Metronome and ability to tune the pitch
* Learning mode (eg., something like Yamaha Education Suite)

I could manage to jot down the above relevant features, that I think are very essential. Please tell me if I am missing some other essential features. For instance, I am not clear as to what to look for quality of sound !?!

Instead of of a very basic one, I would like to invest on something that will serve good enough (if not for advanced players) for beginner-to-intermediate level. I am looking a budget of 500-600 MAX.

I would appreciate any kind of pointers! Thanks in advance!

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Dec 03, 2007
Tips on choosing a keyboard.
by: Mantius

Hi Balasu5,

I have written a guide on how to choose a keyboard. Maybe you've already gone through it. Next you may want to check out some of the reviews.

When it comes to keyboards, the more you spend, the better it gets. Since your budget stops at $600 I don't know a keyboard that you can get with all of the features you have outlined. You can get keyboards with some of these features but you're unlikely to get everything you want packed into a keyboard unless if you have a huge budget.

If budget is really an issue, you may need to compromise a little and decide what are the most important features to you from the list you have come up with. What are your priorities? For instance some keyboards come with many nice features but are terrible when it comes to sound, while some (like the Yamaha MM6 61-Key Synthesizer) don't have all the bells and whistles but excel in the sound department.

I'm trying to think of what I can recommend to you. As far as voices, notation display and recording features are concerned, keyboards like the Yamaha PSRS500 come to mind but it costs as much as $699.95 and only comes with 61 keys (not 76).

Have you checked out the Yamaha YPG525? Only thing is it comes with 88 keys and not 76 as your requirements state. But maybe it comes closest to what you're looking for. It sells for about 500. Comes with a 6-track sequencer, a backlit LCD (320 x 240) that displays lyrics, chords and notation, interactive lessons, computer connectivity and so on. Since you're starting out the Yamaha Education Suite feature should be very beneficial to you. 88 keys are also the ideal for someone who wants to develop skills that can be transferred to a real acoustic piano later on.

My next suggestion would involve [work] on your part. I think the best thing for you to do is to check out a list of keyboards and decide whether or not they come close to your requirements. You can start with some of what I have here. It may take some time before you find a keyboard that best meets your needs but keep looking.

All the best!

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