Yamaha YPG525 Review

This material looks at the Yamaha YPG525 portable grand keyboard. This keyboard along with the YPG-225 and YPG-625 are available as of June 2006. They replace the Yamaha DGX line. Looking for an 88 key keyboard for under 700 bucks? Well here's a good choice. No matter what your level is, be it beginner, hobbyist, or semi-professional, this keyboard may just be what you're looking for.

Highly Recommended: Go here for the BEST piano/keyboard course I’ve seen on the Internet.

Please note however that it doesn't come with weighted keys. The keys are lightly-weighted and perfect for those who prefer that type of keyboard. Yamaha has quite a number of good weighted key digital pianos for those looking for a keyboard that emulates the feel of an acoustic.

If you're into recording you should be delighted to know that the Yamaha YPG525 keyboard comes with a 6 track sequencer. This has always been one of my favorite features on a keyboard. I remember when I started out on the keyboard how badly I wanted one that could sequence. This helped bring out the arranger and composer in me. There's a bitmap screen that displays scores and lyrics.

One of my criticisms is the 32 note polyphony. This can be a problem especially when sequencing since only 32 notes can play simultaneously. This makes this keyboard less suitable to advanced players.

Yamaha YPG525 portable grand keyboard is good for students. Like many other portable Yamaha keyboards it comes with Yamaha Education Suite interactive lessons. This is very good for learning how to play the keyboard and developing your skills. The keyboard also has USB connectivity so you can easily connect it to a computer or similar device.

Other great features on the Yamaha YPG 525 include Large wave ROM features "Live" stereo grand piano sample, a music database that includes 267 keyboard setups by song title, five types of master EQ, full keyboard and multi fingering modes, USB MIDI & PC button, and much more. This Yamaha portable keyboard comes with as many as 500 XGlite/GM voices. This includes 8 Sweet, 3 Live and 5 Cool voices. This keyboard is priced around 630 bucks. Click here to learn about the Yamaha YPG535. It's the newer model, but virtually the same keyboard.

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