Yamaha PSRE413 Portable Keyboard Review

Yamaha PSRE413 Review

Here's my review of the Yamaha PSRE413 61 key digital keyboard in case you're thinking of buying it. I have many nice things to say about this keyboard but let's start with one of my disappointments. It's the fact that unlike previous portables, the keyboard doesn't include an adaptor. You have to buy a separate adaptor (part of the survival kit). Unless you've got lots of money to throw away, this is a must because the 4 AAA batteries it comes with will obviously go weak soon and you would have to change them frequently. This is unfortunate.

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Having said this, the Yamaha PSRE 413 keyboard itself is an outstanding entry level keyboard. It's great for practicing and for familiarizing oneself with an entry-level arppegiator, realtime filter and effects controls. The keyboard comes with a number of great features like the Yamaha Education Suite and USB/MIDI connection. Too bad there's no USB chord. I find that instead of the cheap earphones it comes with, a USB chord would have been better. The keyboard has some great sounds. I particularly liked the percussion instruments and horns.

Yamaha PSR E413

The Yamaha PSRE413 sells for about $229.95 and I'd say this is value for money. I compared this keyboard to others in the same price range and this Yamaha keyboard was unmatched.

Yamaha PSRE413 Review

Sure this keyboard is a cheaper keyboard. Not one of those expensive MOTIFs. But a player must always be mindful of the fact that it is not only about the keyboard. It has a lot to do with your level of playing. I've seen professional players make cheap entry level keyboards sound like they were worth many times their price. Their skill blew my ears off! But when I was just starting out on keyboards, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't make a top of the line keyboard sound good. So it makes no sense to but a Tyros 3 or Yamaha MOTIF if you are not skilled enough to play it well. If you are on a budget or just starting out, forget those more expensive models. The Yamaha PSRE413 will do. It will give you the experience you need.

The Yamaha Education Suite feature is included for the price and this will help you learn how to play keyboards at your own pace. If you have no confidence in a teacher or you simply want to supplement what you're learning with a music teacher, this feature will prove to be very useful. I also liked the fact that the PSR-E413 comes with a 6-track sequencer. As a composer/songwriter I love this feature. You can easily put your song together part by part. Other features include 509 GM and XGlite compatible voices, dual/split capabilities, 100 arpeggio types, 165 preset styles, 300 song titles, 30 preset songs, a pitch-bending wheel, touch response, sustain pedal port, 32 note polyphony and USB port.

All in all, this keyboard is a good one. Except for the fact that I think an adaptor should have come with it, there's not much to complain about. It's worth buying.

The Yamaha PSR E413 replaced the PSR-E403 as of May 2008. The two keyboards are very similar with the PSRE 413 containing upgrades such as 165 vs. 155 styles, 100 arpeggio functions vs 50, and so on. But they're almost the same.

Hope you found this review helpful and can make a decision based on it. In case you decide to buy check out this musical instruments seller.

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