Yamaha PSR E223 Review

In this material, we review the Yamaha PSR E223 keyboard. This is an entry level keyboard for the absolute beginner or child. It's a very basic keyboard. The price of about 100 bucks tells the story of the kind of keyboard we're dealing with. But all in all, it's a quality instrument.

This is a good keyboard for someone looking to get their feet wet. You can buy this cheap model for a child, and see whether or not he or she has musical aspirations. Later on you can invest in a more expensive model.

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Nonetheless, the 61 key Yamaha PSR E223 comes with a number of outstanding features for a keyboard of its class. One notable feature is the popular Yamaha Education Suite. This feature teaches you how to play the keyboard. There are 102 built-in songs separated into left and right hand parts. There are seven levels of lessons as well as a chord dictionary.

Another feature which a beginner would find useful is the Portable Grand button. With the press of one button you can quickly return the  PSR E223 to a stereo-sampled piano. It doesn't matter what setting you may have previously selected. This is great for practice.

Yamaha PSR E223

I like the fact that this keyboard comes with 100 accompaniment styles. Yamaha is well known for this feature. Imagine being able to play an entire chord with one finger on the left hand and play the melody in the right. You can try different genres of music and hear various parts being played simultaneously, whether drums, bass, piano, etc.

Although it's an entry-level keyboard, the Yamaha PSRE223 is ready for today's technology. You can easily connect your computer to the Internet via MIDI. The keyboard is both General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatible, giving you access to thousands of MIDI song files on the Internet.

Other features on the PSR E223 include a sound effect kit, 9 digital reverb effects, 375 General MIDI and XGlite compatible voices, MIDI In/Out, sustain pedal jack, headphone jack, 102 internal songs, and 32 note polyphony.

All together, this is a good keyboard for the price. Great for a beginner or child. But a more advanced player should look into a higher end model.

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