Yamaha P70 reviews - comparison between P70 and Casio PX-110

Yamaha P70 reviews - Keyboard player compares the Yamaha P70 to the Casio PX -110.

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Keyboard you're reviewing: P-70 Yamaha versus PX -110 Casio

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What you like about this keyboard: Generally the two keyboards have the same basic feature. Yamaha has more of a history with piano's and Casio has more of a history with electronics. So, which is best?

What you dislike about this keyboard: There are certainly more electronic features that come with the Casio. And the cost for the Casio is less - almost 20% less! But, whicjh is best for the beginner or intermediate players? (which these are marketed and designed for) If I was an above average player or make my living from playing - I would be silly to buy this entry level - so I will not refer to such matters..

I am leaning towards the Yamaha, for the following reasons. The pedal, the name and the quality. But, I am having my piano friend test them both to see which he feels would be the best for me.

I will also rent the Yamaha first and take some piano lessons on the Casio version - that they have. Then I will know which works best (for me). I will also see if I can get some/part of the rental cost put against the purchase. (Smart eh?)

I also noticed the Yamaha has a two year warranty and the Casio one. But, the electronic "selection" buttons seem more obvious on the dask of the Casio than the Yamaha. And the Casio has a 1 song recording capabiliity and the Yamaha does not! If I was smart the Casio with its "extra" features and lower cost would be the obvious winner. But, I will try both to see if these extra features are really a priority for me...

Further comments on this keyboard: I will get back to you on the "test".

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