What are the best Yamaha keyboards for you?

What are the best Yamaha keyboards for you?

To answer this question you need to know what features you need. As long as you know the features that are important to you it should be easy to choose. But first of all you need to understand what various features are all about. To help you choose the best Yamaha keyboards for you we shall talk about a few features here.

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In this section we take a look at GM, XF, XG and XG Lite compatibility, as well as standard features like metronome, tuning, and transpose.

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GM or General MIDI was invented in 1990. Before this feature was invented song data on one tone generator would not play back properly on another tone generator. If music was created on one tone generator program change numbers would select different instruments on another. This problem was solved with the introduction of MIDI. GM provided a standard set of 128 voices that were allocated to the same program change numbers. This made it possible for General MIDI compatible tone generators to accurately reproduce GM song data.

XF is a feature that takes it one step further. Lyrics and chord information can be displayed.

XG also adds to the GM feature . There's a greater variety of voices, expanded editing capabilities, as well as comprehensive effect processing.

Finally, there's an XG Lite feature which is a simplified version of the XG format. It has less parameters and effects programs but it will still play back GM and XG song data.

In choosing the best Yamaha keyboards for you, something else you may want to take a look at is the presence of metronome, transpose and tuning features.

metronome will help you keep a steady speed (tempo) while playing. This is great for practice, particularly for beginners.

The transpose feature is also a very handy one. This feature allows you to change the pitch of your keyboard to suit a particular piece of music in a higher or lower key.

Then there's a tuning feature for fine tuning your keyboard. This enables you to accurately match the pitch of your keyboard to that of other instruments.

So as can be seen, the best keyboard for you depends entirely on your personal preferences. Simply understand what features you need and choose a keyboard that comes with these features.

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